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Wednesday, March 8

Again with the glorious sunshine and mild temps??? and I'm at work...
This time last year... we were at Gray Rocks, on our first family ski trip...
This year... no ski trip. For some strange reason... all our available funds seem to be accounted for. :) gah!

We heard from my units last night... all is well for them in the land of water, sun and bucket seats... (Florida).

This song... [ :: Steam - Vanessa Amorosi :: ] (download link from You-Send-It) I just love this womans voice. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ started with black cargos, dress shirt... felt wrong...
~ changed into p-z beige jeans and brown turtleneck. :)
~ busy day at work... getting a revision to the "proposal"... (sigh)
~ banging away at three separate reports... march is way too short.
~ tonight? quick dinner, take the boys to fencing, write about AR and relax after all that with Z on the sofa.
~ to point out that Ginger had that "drag queen" thing going on... Marianne was the really beautiful one.
~ ... and yes that was a loosely veiled compliment going out to someone who is really kinda precious.
~ I understood why thatthingido isn't on Canadian Idol... :)
~ that tonya's little Joshi geta whole lot better...
~ to send some sunshine out to sweetcharity... just 'cuz. :D

So how much longer do you think Iran is going to draw out this big game of "cat and ... angry cat", threatening Israel (the 51st state) and talking wmd's, etc... If they play their cards right, they'll end up in talks with Condi Rice, arranging for the US to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on some thank you project for them as a negotiated settlement. Just another country playing the "how can we get the US to spend money they don't have on us?" game. North Korea has been doing a bang up job with this game for decades. If you're american, remember this when you pay your taxes.

Yeah so the whole Afghanistan thing became a whole lot clearer to me yesterday when I heard the some senior bureaucrat in the Depart. of Defense talking about replacing Canada's aging Hercules Aircraft fleet with some new big boy military transports. Yessireee... get our boys and girls involved in a conflict in some pathetic desert on the other side of the planet... get a few of them killed... and we can get budget allocations for... more military spending. Of course, the ridiculous sea-king helicopters... aka death mobiles... that patrol our shore lines and perform rescues of actual canadians, can't get funding ... if our lives depended on it... (and they do, actually)

So set things up for a 40 something year old white guy who can't seem to exist outside of a tight t-shirt and have him evaluate the qualities of young girls for several years and eventually... you end up with Simon telling that 17 year old girl he wants to make a meal out of her... on national television. I didn't see it... but I heard 'bout it on the radio this morning... Sounds a wee bit creepy there Simon.

k... see ya. :)

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