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~ one of my friends posted a note the other day about a tv commercial that had her laughing every time she saw it... (and I can't remember who it was!)!! Any ways, later that night, I was watching the tube when that old Wendys commercial for the spicy chicken sammich came on... the one where the office guy sets everything on fire with his flame thrower breath. I cannot watch that commercial without losing it. When his boss come in and yells at him, and he tries to speak but a flame bursts out... That commercial is pure rock crack to my funny bone. :)

~ they're working on the upper deck (second floor platform) on the house. We all drove out before dinner to check it out. It's awesome. Just awesome. :)

~ I dunno how other people feel... but every single time I see Hillary Swank at a red-carpet thing... it's like she's slapping me in the face with her dramatic good looks to jostle me away from remembering that she started out in the land of "being famous" by portraying a boy... well, the girl who played a boy. I've no idea what people are talking about when the criticise her looks... she's got a fifty thousand watt smile, great hair, smoken ass and generally speaking, looks gorgeous in a fancy dress.

~ I hope I'm not boring the crap out of you with all the "house" stuff... :( I can barely contain myself from one day to the next... knowing they're all busy building this thing... The roof is going to go on by the end of next week... then the real fun begins. :0

~ oh, and I've had some kind of tummy flu all day. I cannot possibly explain how fun this has been without making your hurl.

k... time to make coffee for Amazing Race...

Note to race fans... AR is on an hour later than usual tonight... in case you're relying on a programed record time in your vcr or tivo or whatever. :)

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