Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 7

If you look close... you can see my mohawk. :) This is the result of not looking in the mirror ONCE after emerging from the shower. I shave in the shower... the mirror is all fogged up... and when I brush my teeth after breakfast... I tend to not look in the mirror. :)

What a git. :)
It's a lovely day... sunshine, mild, and we didn't go to work today.
I drove the boys to school... Edward has a project to bring in, that wasn't really all that Bus Friendly. :)
Then we went to meet the kitchen design guy... [ :: Deslaurier Kitchens :: ] to plan out the cabinets and stuff.
Very exciting ... but - of course - tons more stress.
I've made a breakthrough in the cooktop / wall oven thing... deciding to not get them. All the cook tops, except the most expensive (and I mean, goofy expensive) are just not as good as the gas burners on a gas range. (double flame etc.). So ... so far, the plan is to get a dual fuel jennair pro-line slide in (w/ convection) and to get something called a "convenience oven" (30" standard but two racks, not three... - short) to get installed in the wall. Oh it's gonna be cool. :D Those pictures are... miles away.

I've been headache boy ever since I woke up... (not good)... so I'm gonna get through this and see if I can take a short nap before the boys get home. I was soooo expecting to get work done this aft!! :( ah well...

~ blue ftls
~ p-z jeans... the new ones
~ blue top and big warm sweater.
~ busy morning... (see above)
~ spaghetti dinner... It is Tuesday, after all. :)
~ tonight? AMAZING RACE... !!!
~ that some good vibes would wash over sin_da_rella. I know you're a happy schmappy girl sugar, but you could use some good karma too. :)
~ to send some love and emotional support to a precious friend of mine... real world... Karin... I'm so sorry about M. I hope there is something good that comes from all this.

Birthday Moment...
The very happiest of birthday wishes out to debby ... or as I like to say... my-little-debby. :) Many years have passed beneath our feet together little-debby and there will be many many more... if I'm very lucky. :) Have a wonderful celebration and may the year ahead keep you and your family in good health. :)

So... any idea what the death count has been ... is... over the stupid punk ass cartoons with the horrific representations of a Muhammad or whatever his name is? Imagine... an actual "Death Count" over some cartoons.

Talk about pouring paint into the trays of those that would paint muslims in extremist colours.

College teachers went on strike today... and I am totally against Teacher Strikes. You mess with the lives, futures and fortunes of the graduating students when you do shit like this and they have no control over the situation. They (the students, especially the graduating ones) become pawns in a stupid game of cat and mouse between a two equally pathetic negotiating teams. fuckers...

when my head and pillow meet
and I'm all stretched out below the sheet
I revel in the pleasure of sleepy time heat
and lay in fear of your cold feet. :)

time to go... :) See you soon.

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