Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 5

It's sunny... it's mild... it's ... fricking glorious outside.
And we're not skiing.

Oh... and Geo is non-too pleased with the bangs and the hair cut.
I should have had it shaved down to "brush" ... same complaining and ... it prol'y would have looked cool. :)
As it is... it does look very boring and ...round.
That is definately the last time I take him to the old guy at the corner for a chop.

~ two days of face... I gotta shave soon.
~ jeans and warm sweater. :)
~ get up and run away to my parents house - who aren't there... they're in florida... and wait there for peeps to check out our clean clean clean house.
~ home... with chicken...
~ watch Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House... in b&w and ... boy oh boy ... the more things change... the more they stay the same.
~ decorate easter cookies with the boys... kind'of a sunday afternoon project.
~ tonight? No flipping idea edit: Oscar... I will be watching Jon Stewart and the Oscar vibe.
~ I could wave a wand and make time stand still long enough for me to feel like I could... maybe, just maybe... catch up.

Birthday Moments...
Happy Day Late Birthday wishes out to kea and cockermom.
I hope another year of being super mom brings you all kinds of smiles sugar-key. :) (kea). I was soooo close, yet so far, from getting to see you guys. :) Maybe someday. :D And heather (cokermom)... ever so far away in the land of muppet chefs... I hope you have a lovely birthday.
And happy birthday Jennifer... (unmistakably_me). May the year ahead bring you steps closer to your dreams and miles from your nightmares. :)

Four days... four seperate attacks against Canadian troops in Afghanistan.
I am compelled to ask... why are we there? Oh... to fight the taliban. So we fight the Taliban by occupying some foreign nation, rewriting their politics and forcing them to accept foreign soldiers in every aspect of their lives. You know... the terrorists didn't wake up one day and decide... "Oh, lets go to America". It started with American interests drawing out resources from the middle east and manipulating the power structures there to ensure that there was grant profits to be made in those resources. Gee I wonder why they're pissed at us.
Some zak tried to off a canadian soldier by implanting an axe in his head while said soldier sat with a "village elder".
Fuck them charlie.
Why are we in Afghanistan?

Can anyone tell me how the story of the dawnmarie ended.
I mean... after the ending I know about.
Happy Birthday Dawnmarie. We're taking good care of the fish bowl. :)

see ya. :D
have a great sunday. :D

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