Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, March 1

ahhhhhh... :)
(my general state of mind ... for the whole day!)

Again with the blue sky, sunshine and brrrr. It's March. Well March 1. It is allowed to be all nice and spring like any time. :)

~ kids off to school...
~ last minute touch ups to the house (showing at 10:00)
~ z and I off to builders offices to finish up the colour pick'en process...
~ half day of work at home...
~ getting z's car in for it's emission test...
~ fencing!
~ write something about AR. :D
~ meet dude about appliances after fencing
~ and then... home to make sure the house is sorted for "agent day".
~ collapse and die...
~ to congrat the egg girl (xaheras) on finding little lost kitty...
~ for jjnslat's leg to give her a break... er... well, not a break... you know what I mean. :D
~ to send some random good vibes up to carorules... just 'cuz.
~ and wishing that groovysegue remembers she's got a super-cape hiding under that shirt. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday allyn! That's five birthday wishes... :) Have a wonderful year my friend... and my you and your Rivet find fortune to be a wonderful friend. :)

When the Canadian East Coast Cod Fishery collapsed... research made it clear that the overabundance of seals... was a major contributing factor to the decline of cod stocks. Why is there too many seals? Because bleeding heart celebrities with nothing better to do with their vast buckets of money and time came to the east coast so they could get their picture taken with dead, bloody, baby seals.
I'm not saying I have any special love for seals getting clubbed... just like I don't have any love for blowing food down caged chickens throats, or hammering cows in the head until they fall over dead or any number of horrific-to-the-laymen things that go on in the food production process. Ever been to a slaughter house? But killing seals seems to have been the cause celeb for ages now and the result is a devistated fishery... with diminished supply to consumers and rampant unemployment, government bail-outs and economic crisis through the east coast.
So with that said... let me add only... Paul McCartney may have been a wonderful beetle... but he can't get the fuck out of Canada fast enough for me. The norther seal hunt needs him ... not even a little.

attention writers... visit withhumanvoices because ... writers write. :)

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