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Monday, February 27

HATE'ed the pic (big hate!)... so I reused an old one.! :)

So ... yeah, kicken cold today. All that squeaky shit from my steering column in the car... drives me wonky!
Sunshine... blue sky... beeeeee-autiful... but bazzingly cold!

Corto's journal rules (inspired by something I read on my FPs).
1. comment or not... doesn't matter. You're inclusion on my FL has nothing to do with commenting.
2. Read me or not... doesn't matter. See rule 1 above.
3. I demand... nothing, beyond your reasonable effort to not be a giant dick head to other friends in comment streams below my posts. :) You can expect the same from me.
4. Don't expect me to read everything you write. I read when I can and even then... I read what's in front of me.
5. I don't have a fifth rule... or maybe I did, but erased it before you looked... ha! :D
6. You can and should post anything you like... if it bugs me, I wont look. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ white shirt
~ charcoal suit... kind of a "uniform de lundi". :)
~ getup, get kids up, dress kids, feed kids, pack kids lunches, pack bags, out the door for them, me? in shower, iron a shirt, eat, make lunch, scrape car, leave. sigh!!!
~ busy day... "other client" meeting on thursday, must prepare, main client meeting also on thursday... must prepare!
~ first "red pen review" of my report is back... (from boss) so it's time to get 'editing. :)
~ tonight? gonna watch Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Ware Rabbit. :) ... because I can.
~ there was a really good way to help my little angry alice... but it seems that perhaps only time will do that.
~ that kay enjoys her ... chocolate... :)
~ that militantmomma would post a pic. :)
~ to say that mowazz is just the cats pajamas. Geez I like that girl.
~ for ohmysheglows got get a good rest tonight...

So... the story of a man that meets a woman is a common one.
It goes like this....
Man meets woman. He gets on well with her kids.
They bond and he moves in.
Everybody is happy for a while...
He indulges her and she puts up with some of his ... quirkiness.
The kids start acting up... and stop getting along with him.
She starts to see cracks in the his polish.
His issues turn out to be big ones...
Her issues turn out to be ... similarly big.
He beats her... she puts up with it.
She abuses him verbally... maybe even breaks a few of his things...
He beats her... the kids rebel... he gets mad at the kids.
She gets really mad about him being mean to the kids.
He beats her... she doesn't report it, but tries to kick him out.
He kills her.
We read about it in the paper.
And many of us say "dude... why did you kill her? why not just leave? Leave her and let her live her life and ... DON'T KILL HER."
But ... it's too late right. She's dead. He's in jail... and the kids are basically fucked.

Ok... now read that again.
Except this time...
She's IRAQ
And the kids are Iraqi's.

Support American troops by bringing them home.
Don't kill her... just leave and let her live her life.

Check this out...
[ :: Farah Nosh :: ] - Farah is a photo journalist in Iraq.

So I'm eating my words about Canada and the "own the podium" thing.
Team Canada's women did fabulous this Winter Olympics.
Better, in fact, than they hoped.
The guys suck... but that's hockey for ya.
The girls sleep on Torino gymnasium floors, live out of cars while they train and hope for Mom and Dad to come up with some more cash.
The boys... sleep in fancy hotels, eat lavishly and have everything done for them.
Then the girls win all the medals ... and the boys suck.

Note: I love... love love love... womens figure skating. Pairs are great too... yes, the skimpy outfits are part of the deal... the body types are ... very much to my liking... and - last but not least - I totally dig the artistry of what they do.
Mens individual figure skating? just say'en... no matter how cool... no matter how complicated and amazing... is still totally faggy. Can't stand it. This makes me a horrible person right? hahahaha... :D

"You're almost done... right?"
Oh My God... poor freaking guy.
Talk about having your dream dashed.
Can people who have been intimate ... just be friends?
I soooo like Oh's role.

Ok... gotta git. :)
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