Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

things about today...

~ getting a lot done... and still having loads to do... gets to buggen you after a while. !
~ got a solid round of I hate you from Inego Montoya... but sticking to your "consequences" thing ... lands there sometimes.
~ we were laughing through bedtimes read of Umbridge vileness in OTP... hate is so transitional when your eight.
~ when Ed got home from school, I zoomed with him over to a local hardware store that was all "door crasher" with paderno cookware... I'm talking a 30" premiere fry pan for 27$ (canadian, even). yeah. :)
~ survivor was fun.
~ knowing I'm procrastinating on my taxes... not so much fun.

... and then it was bedtime.
I've been crawling through "otherland - bk 1" (tad williams) for... over a year. It's my "last moments before sleep" book.
Maybe I'll get through more than four pages before going cross eyed. :)

and when you wake
I will be waiting
always hungry
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