Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ just got off the phone with the builders... I wanted a POT FAUCET over my stove. My stove backs onto an outside wall. No Can Do without messing around with a tap coming out of the cabinets... so it'll have to wait. grrr... (I mean, they could do it - sorta - but it would fricking cost cost cost... so screw it.)

~ walking past smoke shop on my way back from coffee... magazine on display rack... gorgeous picture of Brattney Spears on the cover with the headline "Brittany Speaks Her Mind". My first thought... what'd they do with the other 90% of the page?

~ I told a girl in the lunch room... that I thought her shoes were gorgeous. I don't know her... and the shoes really were. She practically burst into conversation. I'm thinking, compliment a woman on her shoes dude... it's a great ice breaker. :)
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