Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 21

picture? no idea.

Mild'er today. :)
Today is a "play day" for Edwards Grade 2 class...likely to make up for the notion that the grade 4, 5 and 6's are all going skiing for the next three days. :)

Today started absolutely perfect!
Woke up, cleaned up, made pancakes for the boys... packed 'em off to school and got myself here by 9:00. wow. :)
A good start.

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ maroon gap sweat shop shirt
~ dk brown turtleneck... oh, so comfy!
~ totally in the zone yesterday with work. I need a repeat performance. :)
~ finish a report to send for 'red pen review' from my boss...
~ get suz's car over for an "emissions test" (one of the biggest scam the government has ever pulled)
~ tonight? get shit ready for tomorrow (ski day with Geo's school... parent volunteer time)
~ that jury duty is as simple as blonnie expects
~ for barefoot_dyke to enjoy all the hot water (squeeeee!)
~ to thank dear Misha... willedit, for the lovely card... :)

Birthday moments...
~ Happy Birthday out to little four year old Owen...(one of pixiecup's angels) May the year ahead keep you healthy, happy, and safe little man. :)
~ and a very happy birthday out to txdevil... my little forever girl. :) Have a wonderful day sugar... and may you find every success in the land of your heart and your soul as the year unfolds... :D

So you leave a big beautiful, ancient barn on your property... way out in the country... and you are charged taxes on it, have to pay insurance and when some kid gets hurt playing there... or some storm knocks it over and debris spreads... people talk smack about you like you're a good-for-nuth'en malcontent and the municipality hauls your ass into court.

So you have a big, old, broken down, eye sore of a barn on your uninhabited "back 40" out in the country, and to be safe... you have it demolished... no taxes, no insurance, no safety hazard... and people talks smack about you because you "should have considered the landscape and the beauty and heritage and... "blah blah blah blah... like your a good-for-nuth'en malcontent.

For ever story about the malcontent...
... there is likely a story of frustration and challenge.
We must be slower to judge and more considered in our thoughts.

It's ok to have a french only clinic in the middle of an english community... french signs... french paperwork... that turns away english patients... specifically because they're not french.
It's not ok to have an english shop or service center in that same community that has bilingual or "trying hard to be bilingual" staff that has english signs but bilingual paperwork and never turns anyone away.

You know... sometimes I think the government lets the issues about bilingualism simmer on the edge of reason specifically because it gives us something to focus our frustration as a nation on. Perhaps, in the absence of this issue we'd... you know... be angry with the government about something like FIGHTING A BULLSHIT WAR in Afghanistan.

There's a Travelocity or Expedia commercial on the TV... showing peeps in various stages of enjoying a chase-the-sun vacation, with an Olympics kinda theme. Dude diving on the slip-and-slide... they flash "Luge" on the screen. They show the boogie board rider and flash the words "bobsleigh"... A guy playing on the beach... and they flash the words "Slalom"... etc.
Then they end it with a blonde hottie, reclining in a hammock... white bikini top on tan flesh, drink in hand, eyes closed... looking ... like dessert. And they flash "Biathlon".
Took me a while. :)
but yeah... biathlon. :D :D

K... time for work work work. :)
I hope you have a great day... that way we can have a great day together. :D
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