Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok... it's official... other than the clients option to want some revision (for which I have a full day of contingency) I have officially set the rabbit free. It's little fluffyness is out of the hat, danced around my desk and took off! Done! Good Riddence! wohoo... yucki project... I won't make that mistake more than two or three more times... :D
Going home now... time to have some pizza... it's pizza night in corto's house... yum.
Got a couple of West Wing episodes to watch and maybe work on the graphics for my web site... and if I'm at the computer... yup.. it'll be cam on!! :D

You gotta know.. having the cam on is really super cool... right up until it snaps a picture of me picken my nose.. .:D hahaha...

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN FANTASTIC! phew! what a ride... emotions all over the map... people fighting... the truth comming out.. people making up... (some not ~snif)... but all in all... definately NOT boring! I've had a blast!

Hey.. I wanted to say HELLO!!!! to a few new friends... halfanickle? yo! welcome to my total nut house... :D I look forward to you deciding you like Lj.. and ... umm... here KityKity here kitykity! where'd you come from...? I think you snuck up on my list.. nice ta-meetcha.
And also, a great name there peregrinus! gotta love falcons...

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