Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

the updater post. :)

A weekend picture round up... :)
House update and ... stuff.

Hardwood connecting to tile samples destined for our front hall area.

Our kitchen, back hall, powder room, ensuite, and main bath are all here somewhere...
Oh, no, not the floor in our ensuite... that's a special type of tile... not in the pic. :)

We have our power and gas junction... (and there's a new vid at the [ :: house web site :: ])

And we had a family thing at my folks house... for some strange reason.

There was laughter and merry making! :)

... and my hottie bought an outfit for the "ball". :D

... and how cool is this mirror shot? :D

now it's time for sleep. :)
See ya tomorrow.

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