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Thursday, February DAVE'th.

Welcome to the inspectorjuryDave SHOW.

Our house is open to agents who call for the "lock box number" ... from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. (they call it "agent day") We left the house in fricking perfect condition ... sigh... It takes a lot out of us to do this... we end up so stressed and ready to LEAP on anything "issue oriented" double sigh. It's hard to be house-builders, house-sellers, and parents... let alone all the other roles... but those top three... really conspire to make things tough. (insert low growlie noise like a dog trying not to bark..) So... long night ahead too.

Oh, and it's snowing, blowing, and expecting freezing rain. Wonderful.

spin spin spin...

edit: I forgot to mention!! :D :D My Da found a car rental for $50 less than he had previously arranged... so consider that a big "score" moment for the collective. :)
Please accept my thanks for playing. :D

~ green ftls
~ dk blue dockers...
~ blue turtleneck
~ gray-blue light sweater... (it's blue day!)
~ Ok, it's not "blue day"... it's Agent Day.
~ "head down, working" type day... (Dory voice: "just keep on swimming... keep on swimming...")
~ may the world spin in such a way as to let a young woman named Ashley... find a way to stay. :)
~ that nightvixen finds the patience ... and that things just ... you know, work out.
~ that canuckgirl would win that powerball thing... then become my sugar mommy.
~ that jenlovefl2003 learns to stick to the perimeter. :)
~ may wee wishes for fallingforward and pertinentwires... for better health. :) (come on Sarah... your day's coming... you need to be healthy!)
~ and that my friend Dave... aka inspectorjury doesn't expire before he reads his morning friends pages... :) And, big daddy dave... you are - truth be told - a remarkable human spirit and I know I'm fortunate to have a small piece of you in my world. :)

Middle East
Yes... another middle east rant. I'll make this one really simple. (I think)
I have had several conversations with people on both sides of the hawk / dove fence and sure... there are lots of reasons to be in Afghanistan ... humanitarian, etc... and the "troops" are doing wonderful things for some of the people in Iraq... etc etc etc etc.
But I gotta ask... or rhetorically ask... Do you know why the middle east terrorist came to America to bomb and blow things up? I mean... think about it. It's not like they ran out of things to blow up in their own countries... so they came to the US. No. They targeted the US because the US targeted them. We get "War On Terror" propaganda day and frigging night... but I'm telling you this is just fricking stupid. The arrogance of the West (us) is absolutely mesmerizing. What exactly makes the West and North (and I'm grouping Australia, America, Canada, Britain, France, etc... together here) think they know what's good for other people? If we hadn't gone to these foreign countries and tried to tell them how to live... you can bet they'd be killing each other... and NOT US. They have managed to survivor centuries longer than us... have built the Seven Wonders of The World, amazing structures, and beautiful cities, universities, libraries, OIL, etc... all without our help... (although ... I'm sure they bought some help by hiring experts, etc)... but exactly what is wrong with them having a different value system than us? yes... they treat one another horribly... again... So?
I mean... look at the flap over the cartoons.
How many more "free press" newspapers are going to reprint the stupid fucking cartoons before "we" get it?
It's not a freedom-of-the-press issue any more.
Sure a bunch of zealots acted like assholes and the general Islamic response to the cartoon thing was nutty.
But a) we don't understand their culture... and b) we can stop poking them with a stick (reprinting the cartoons) any time.
I can just imagine an Editor hoping his newspaper offices get bombed because they reprinted the cartoons so they too can become pillars of democratic freedom. Idiots.

Thats a link to a story about CD Ripping issues.
RIAA suggesting that ripping a purchased CD for play on your iPod is not "fair use".
... and this is me making another suggestion!!!
(holding my finger up to the computer screen...)
... and a prediction:
The world is changing... and the music industry can either keep up ... or fuck off.
The bottom line has always been ... and will always be... that progress waits for no man or law... period.

There are a lot of times when I sit back and wonder... you know...
how did I get here?
what am I doing?
... and then I see you.
Then I know I'm home...
And nothing else really matters.

K... time to jet. :)
see ya.
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