Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, February 15

~ b/w yesterday... and a colour burst today... :)

Well... crap.
Geo's home again... I'm taking him to the clinic in a few minutes.
Poor guy sounds pretty much like a hoot owl on crack, after a night of hard drinking.

It's very mild outside... like ... on the plus side!
Mother nature has no idea what she's doing any more.
Way too many years tucking in with the opiates I'd wager....

I'm home... and I'm trying to get some actual work done.

~ black stripee flts
~ blue jeans... not old, not new... just jeans.
~ a gray t and a very very old p-z sweater... I want a NEW chenille sweater!!! Oh my god, I'm such dork about chenille (sp?).
~ clean up ... we have a big "open showing day" (not actually an open house...) all day and evening tomorrow... so it's clean up time.
~ working on my report for "client number 2"
~ taking care of Geo...
~ Edward to Fencing tonight... :)
~ and watching some TV tonight.
~ that andysoft ... remains careful...
~ I could take blumurph to lunch... in Italy or somewhere like that...
~ you could see the wee card I got from bitchcakes_xo!! It's beautiful... There are some seriously talented friends on my f-list... :)
~ to smile at my friend ayoub... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sandstar... I'm pretty sure your "gone" ... busy living the life you wrote about... but, never the less... my wish for your day is that the year ahead brings you new and valuable examples of the wonder within a human spirit... and my you have many successes. :)

Ok... look, I tried to not say anything... but... I'm going crazy.
So let me just say...
This is the second time Chaney has shot someone... both times... accident.
I'm just saying "oops" only works the first time.
After that... you have to accept that you're likely an idiot.
And that's one heart beat... or lack there of... away from the office of the president.
I may just explode from the confidence that inspires in me.

I sat at my desk last night... and second guessed every choice we made with the house designer yesterday.
Not a worry, in that we have another session before we're expected to "sign off" on the choices... but still...
The word "Maddening" comes to mind.

They should make those "luge" racers... race naked. Naked Mens and Womens Individual Luge - Vancouver 2010!!! Imagine the slow-mo cam processing the ripple effect across their little luging-at-the-speed-of-freaking-light bodies... ... and imagine how flipping careful they'd be!! :)

K... off to clinic.
Later. :)
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