Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

way long day. !

highlights included playing endlessly with this toy Edward got for his b-day...
Set up this big structure of balls and connectors and then lay a twin rail track for a marble... and a little marble elevator...
~ fun... challenging... but fun.

Lots more flash... even got it to work... but not sure how.
Cannot figure out how to speed it the hell up though.
Must look for way to increase frame rate I think.

Finally watched LOST.
Totally digging where it's going.
My constant feeling when I watch this show is how "off put" I am by the way people assume leadership roles and others accept them in it...
And not "leadership" to be helpful... just leadership because they figure they know better.
The Charlie thing... torturing Sawyer forever ago... Locke lighting that fuse when dude was yelling about the numbers and to stop... Jack... CONSTANTLY...
Nobody died and made them god...
So yeah, I like where it's going.

Time for bed.
oh, and I have one of those hard, blind, pimples below the skin, above my lip, over a bit... and it's already sore. It's gonna be one of those "can't touch this" (insert skanky music thing) sorta zits. And yes... I'm forty three... gonna be forty four soon... and no, you never grow out of pimples... who ever told you that... lied.

Ed's still feeling yuck... so no skiing tomorrow. Depending how things are... we may go to a movie or bring home a movie or something...
and have I mentioned that it's fricking cold out? gah!! February can really suck for weather.

K... time for bed.
See ya sunday.

ni ni

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