Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 10

~ 'K, there's an animated icon in that last bit somewhere... :D

It's another P-freaking-D day... so it's my turn to stay home.
and... Edward is as sick as all-get-out.
Feverish, can't swallow, coughing, stuffed up...
So, I'm resolved to getting almost nothing done today.

It's twenty different kinds of freezing cold out!!! My car is a little frosty car'cicle.

We had a showing last night at 7:00 ... hence... house is made picture perfect.
Get home to find we've got a showing booked for 12:00 today.
Goal: don't touch anything! So the house will be purrrrfect at 12:00.
and... AND!!! My worst nightmare, as we signed up with the realtor, was that as soon as the sign goes up... a neighbor would call and say they were waiting for us to do this!
And what happens yesterday? Phone call... three doors down and across... If they buy it... I'll soooooooo regret the Realtor fees!!!!
Lesson for LIFE... when you sell your house, before you sign with your agent, put a flier in every mail box on your street informing everyone that the house is for sale and will be listed in a week... giving them all a chance to let you know if ... you know... they're "waiting". :D)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ old'er blue jeans [ :: but the real fun is the ham bone I have for a son! :: ]
~ old gray t and an older big-blue turtleneck.
~ clean clean clean... not work not work not work not work.
~ take off while they show the house... (going to my Unit's house)
~ home to write about Survivor...
~ then read a big honking report from work ... with my trusty Hi-lighter in hand.
~ watch some of the Olympics Opening Bomb Ceremonies...
~ to say to modernarchetype... word!!! I can hardly wait for the continuation of Gray's too!!! :D :D
~ to let kimmellee that... that's one wonderful little man there... :)
~ that beachdog manages to get himself dug out of that MAJOR snowstorm... got a broom?
~ that my fricking house sells!!! er... did I say that outloud? shhh...
~ and that uawildcatgrl enjoys her journey into the world of bit torrents... although needing one means you missed a show... :( (smiles at bren)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday to a ridiculously beautiful young woman... cinamon_girl :D ... who I'm sure wont see this. lol... May the year ahead bring you all the control you deserve, every chance to smile you can find and a million moments worth remembering for the rest of your days. Have a lovely day sugar.

Flash People... er... Macromedia kinda "flash"... I ask here instead of emailing you, 'cuz I don't want to be a pain... (so catch-as-cats-can is a better option).
What do I need to give you? the [ :: fla file? :: ] ?? (Edit: it's a zip of the fla file)The idea is to get you to open it up and tell me what I need to do to it to make it only play once (no looping), and why oh why oh WHY does the program send me nasty grams (error messages) when I try to add the Time Line Effect "Transform" on the "asa" , "e" and "orto" layers (they are the three layers all called "transition 11" above layer 6).

K... time to zoom... :D See ya later.
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