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Wednesday, February 8

First and foremost...
The outer circle of my "monkeysphere" became a little smaller yesterday...
A remarkable dad... a loving and well loved husband and a friend had to call in "late".
A tragic accident took his life and has no doubt thrown fear and confusion into the hearts of the people who were closest to him.
Reach out and touch life... let life touch you back... and never forget that we are all only passing through.
Rest in peace dear jerris_darkrun_, and may your family find strength and courage in all you have left in their hearts and minds.


~ green ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ brown turtle neck... exactly what I was wearing last wednesday... how preeee-dick-table. :)
~ get to "the land" and record progress...
~ work work work
~ hard to explain lunch for guy at work... possibly try to explain that later...
~ review someone elses business case... more odd'ness at work...
~ actually work for a bit on my own deliverables...
~ fencing with the boys after dinner... :D :D :D
~ LOST? is lost new tonight??? me = hopes!!!!
~ more "Corto Content Factory" stuff - If I get the cycles at the computer...
~ that a dear woman can find the pieces... and, in time, put together a life. You are in my thoughts Bethena..

Birthday moments...
A birthday and an anniversary!!! have a simply wonderful day grrrrrrrrrrrowl... may your heart continue to soar. Have a lovely year sugar-g. :)

So why is it that with everybody and their dog... business people, politicians, average moms and dads... - and I'm talking heads of state - lining up to decry the goofy illegal war that Bush is waging on Iraq (and don't fool yourself, it's a war against all that "was" Iraq, because America has a new game plan for that part of the world)... With everyone saying it's horrible, wrong, illegal, etc etc etc... why is it that conscientious objectors get such a hard time in Canada when they show up here to dodge the war? On the one hand, it's an evil, horrible, and illegal war... but on the other "oh here you go... more of your children to send for "blowing up" in Iraq."
I say, let 'em stay.

If a few cartoons are all it takes to raise the insanity factor across Stupid Land* to the level it's at today...
what do you think is gonna happen when so-called democratic elections are won and lost between opposing ideologies?

"Edward... do you want to go to the first "mad science" class after school today?"
"and what about fencing? Do you want to go to fencing tonight?"
"yes yes yes yes..."
"Well, if you're too sick for school... you're not doing either of those things..."
"Ok... I'll go to school!"
bang, click... clunk, out the door to the bus. :)
Now I cross my fingers and hope he really was all better.
I'll be taking his temp the second he comes through that door! :D

* Stupid Land : my name for the middle east...

see ya. :D
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