Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 7

Sunshine... endless blue skies... which, in February, translates into bone chilling cold and frozen cars. sigh.

Edward was still a fever boy last night... head ache, etc... poor little guy. Suz stayed home with him today. We'll see if he's much better tonight.
I'm betting he'll be up and around today and back at school tomorrow.

I got up and got Geo going today. After he left for the bus, I hightailed it out to go to the "property" for a morning visit. Workmen were doing their worky stuff and there's not much diff, but I snapped a bunch of pictures never-the-less. :)

Busy day, broken up with fixing the company internal web site to make the boss happy, and figuring out why company accounting has a diff number of days left for me than the client... grrr!!!

We finally watched Grays Anatomy from Sunday... brrrr.... my toes were tapping through the whole thing... Z kept having to tell me to stop. :) hahaa... I was totally keyed up and loving it. Of course, Georges dream at the beginning was nice fodder. :) what'd I do... what'd I do... what'd I do... oh god!!!

I managed to get new some updates out to my mom's watercolour web [ :: Anya's Watercolours :: ] and to my da's wood carving web [ :: Wood Wiz :: ]

~ blue fts
~ and the green dockers that fit, but I actually hate. I think I will chop them up tonight. No really ... hate them.
~ three tone dark shit with a dark tie and a tommy sweater.
~ work work work... got a strange meeting at 3:00 to watch a lot of people do the "I don't think that's my job" dance...
~ tuesdays are ... spaghetti nights... :D
~ do some updates to the House Web tonight...
~ happy "mp3 player" hunting to velcro_girl
~ that ladymeg1 ... escapes the stress vibe...
~ to send some "congrats" out to jjnslat
~ for better sleeps, magic to remove the 10 and a general good-vibe out to mentalconundrum... just 'cuz.

Birthday Moment...
... and for me, it's another special one. :D
Happy Birthday Allison... Sugar-Ali... Lil'Alice... Dear no! May the day bring you small pleasures and the year bring you true change and happiness. You are an amazing talent... artistic, creative, and emotional. Wonderful qualities in a young woman, let alone a famous artist. You remain a treasured friend Ali, and I hope the threads never fall away. Happy birthday sugar... enjoy.

How many times, in the last few years, have you heard the representative of one Muslim group or another say "You must not judge all of islam because of the actions of a few radicals who are not being true to their faith."
How many times in the last week have you heard the representatives of one Muslim group or another say "blah blah blah... but these images were truly offensive to Islam and blah blah blah..." Oh sure... they criticise the people who are burning down buildings, killing people and destroying property over the cartoons but they go on to say how horrible the images were. Dude... it's a few jerks and a newspaper exercising it's freedom. This is a non-issue except for the big-hairy-deal the radicals are making of it. The radicals that are calling for boycotts and demonstrations... talk about force feeding every stereotype you are supposed to be shedding.
[ :: this sums it up nicely for me... :: ] (thanks ewtikins)

regarding the many comments on Little Miss Beat Me One More Time Spears and her having the baby on her lap in the car.
I do believe she was trying to zoom away from the evil picture takers.
You know, like Lady Diana was doing...
Does anyone actually expect Brattney to behave any better than a smushy bag of white trash?
Just rest comfortably knowing she has to listen to her husband practice singing... :)

Tit ... what a useless word.
It's so freaking versatile but ... it's just not really ever the right time to use it.
I mean... "nice tits" is pretty standard stuff... same with big, sweet, little, nice, wonderful, etc., but it's not really something anybody ever actually says to anyone. It's more of a self talk sorta thing.
When you're mad at someone you think is kinda dumb-ass... calling them a "tit" is ok, but there are so many better words. "You stupid tit... what where you thinking?"
It works as a friendly barb... a guy calling his buddy a tit because he messes up... "oh man... don't be a tit... and change the channel back!!" Not sure how that relates but ... nobody said english was a well planned out language. And as reasonable as that sounds... when does anyone actually call their buddy a tit in fun?
Then you've got your flat-top-buzz-cut Dyke like lesbian and the-beauty-of-breasts denial use... "I said shut up ... now... or I'll punch you in the tit!"
tit tit tit tit... ?? really... I never say it... silly word.

k... time to jet. :D
see ya.
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