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Monday, February 6

Brrr... ok, back to reality with some February weather. C-C-Cold and snowy.
My poor little Edward went to be taking a children's med for the head ache he was complaining about... he woke up with the same sore head and a low grade fever. I considered staying home... but opted to get my mom to look after him today. So there he is. I worry about headaches...

~ blue ftls
~ z'dark suit!
~ b-b-busy day... gotta get the client to sit down and talk about the fact that I have six months of work on my plate and two months to do it.
~ must talk to builders... get "schedule"!!! and start planning to "pick out colours" for various parts of the house...
~ Get Edward from my moms after work...
~ watch Gray's Anatomy tonight... tape Medium and 24 (saving the whole season of 24 to watch in a dry spell). :) - PVR LOVE!!!
~ must m*u*s*t get new content up in my mom's water web site and my dads wood carving site...
~ for kay to catch a break in the cycle of home repairs. :)
~ to congratulate a little girl names Olivia on her recent name change... :D
~ to send some short-hair love to my friend uniclycommon... and hope for her day to be... better. :)
~ to point out that I enjoyed one lj friends use of the word "fetching" and anothers use of the word "oblivion". One was sitting... the other fucking... interesting people. :)

Birthday moments...
Catching up with yesterday!! Happy Slightly Late Birthday shoo!! I hope the year ahead brings you small solutions to big problems and big fun dealing with little desires. Have a wonderful birthday Shoo-shoo...
And late as well... Little Miss towanda! Happy Birthday sugar! May every battle lend you victory and every sin ... rewarded. Have a lovely birthday and a grand year ahead. :)
On to todays into the world, kicking and screaming celebrations...
Happy Birthday frostbyte! you marginally absent, slightly around kind of guy... Where ever you are, and especially if you're talking in good fargo'neese, I hope you're having a grand birthday and that all you hold dear holds you right back.
And Happy Birthday flightyone... may the many desires your heart reaches towards, be the great experiences you remember from this next year of you! Have a great birthday sugar.

There was a time when the voice of a muslim nation could rise up and tell the rest of the world that it's wrong to represent their prophet in the form of a man ... any man, in any medium as they find it insulting. That time vanished ages ago. Now all we have is more of those damn muslims burning shit, killing people, yelling incomprehensibly and looking for the world to see, like a bunch of radical crazy fucking nut bars. Muhammad would be sooooo proud. NOT.

Guns Guns Guns Guns...
And to the many voices that have arisen in the past to defend the place of hand guns in a law abiding society... the voices that decry the governments attempts - feeble though they may be - to limit the spread of ownership... to the voices that demand the lawful gun owners rights... let me point out that when the law tries to stem the flow of smuggled american hand guns into Toronto... a law abiding gun owner... a collector who registered all his weapons, locked and stored them following the full rigor of the law... was broken into by a determined thief who made off with forty hand guns. Those guns will now make their way into the hands of criminals or persons who will soon be branded as criminals. A pox on legal gun ownership. Guns in the hands of fools, criminals, and law abiding "super citizens" are all still guns and they are fodder for the rancid underbelly of the body social. Hand guns have no purpose other than to shoot another human... why is it ok for some dick to "collect" hand guns? Let alone store - no matter how "legally stored" they are - forty hand guns in his home?
Ban the fricking hand guns. Law Enforcement, Olympic Shooters and criminals should be the only people with hand guns...

I learned a new term today... "broke the plane" referring to how a football carrier, when going for the goal line need only have the ball break the imaginary plane rising from the line to count as a valid touchdown which would be all well and good... except the ball... never... crossed... the plane. Bad call, shouldn't have been a TD and that specific official is "known" for not overturning calls... even stupid ones. Great sport.
People love football... and I would propose that it is even more accurate to say "Americans Love Football." And as fun as it is to watch... I gotta say... what a bunch of meat heads. And... of course, there's no anabolics in use there at all... nooooo... none. Normal people have heads the size of jeeps all the time.

... l8r sk8rs. :)
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