Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 5

Gray... warm... wet... and where the heck did winter go?
Busy day ahead and I've got to get with it... :)

I hope you're doing well and that there's been no catastrophes out there...
No time to read ... but hopefully later. :)

~ green ftls
~ older jeans
~ black t and an old p-z sweater... :)
~ unfricking believable day... er... busy
~ off to clinic in a min with Geo (skin problem)
~ then off to pick up van from real estate agent's office
~ meet real estate agent's helpers at our house at 1:00 to move a bunch of stuff from here to my MIL's basement... storage.
~ home depot to get more speaker wire and rewire the home theater because the real estate agent made me move the tv... :(
~ out OUT to dinner somewhere... anywhere... me-no-cook tonight!
~ I had time to cruise your posts...

(everything here is a clickable thumbnail)
So ... RE agents work on turning our house into a barren landscape for the "come buy my house" zone...
We had everything sorted and set so they (RE Agents) could come in while we were out for the day skiing and take the fish eye lens pictures... :)
When our MLS listing is up... I'll let ya know. :D

Dining Room before... Dining Room after.

Living Room before... Living Room after.

I like the before stuff... but I'm not a RE Agent so... time, as they say, will tell!


We went skiing yesterday... I'm sure everyone stayed away because it was s'posed to rain all day... It didn' was actually really very nice. Not sunny... but warm and fast. :)
The kids had their last lesson for the season, and Geo got to have - much to his extreme joy - a "discover snowboarding lesson".


And then ... The House. :) Quick stop on the way home from skiing to see what progress...
...and I'm betting the frame goes in this week!!! (excitement!!!!)

(I've loads to do on the "house web" page... like getting the gallery of pics organized. :D)

Home... cleaned up... and then a house full of people (Suzanne's family) for Edwards last bit of birthday party...

Holy smack monkeys... it was a very long day!

K... gotta go! :D See ya.

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