Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

(ps. my hosting company... may they rot... is reporting a "down server" ... which is the server supporting ... well, me.)

Wake up to the dolcet sounds of my radio playing that "freezing rain and the school busses are cancelled" tune. It's a chart topper on the kids hit list.

Actually... I woke up to news that the miners in Alberta were safe... then I hopped in the shower and got sorted for work... I heard the school bus news while I was dressing, and preparing to wake everyone else up. Two hours later... kids are playing games and ... somebody is still sleeping.

For me... today will be all about a work lap top, the dining room table and trying to get somewhere useful with some documentation.
I am going a bit bonkers with "writing" thing lately. Seems like all I'm doing lately.

~ black stripee flts
~ pj pants
~ long sleeve shirt and a sweat shirt... (it's brrr!)
~ go clean off my front walk... maybe a little shoveling... (sigh)
~ click on lap top... focus power!
~ oh, and maybe get Geo to Wallmart later to buy some pants. :)
~ tonight? continue work on the "Casa de Corto House Web". It's linked off my main web page - as I type, my host is toast, but they should be up soon... (fuckers) but all that's there now is the foundation image and the linked videos.
~ that fortune smiles on nbbmom...
~ to extend a hand of comfort to demyankee...
~ that ewtikins enjoys st. pauls...
~ for all kinds of vacation goodness to wrap around serpah
~ and happy-corporate-valentines to whatilove... :D

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday sugar-kat... (angryvixen!!) With your new and wonderful little Savy on your lap, your main squeeze by your size... and the world at your feet... this year is primed up great to be stellar! May you find every happiness and live every joy as your tiny angel grows to be a litle girl and your heart becomes a true mommy heart. :)
Happy Birthday doodle... and go you on the masso-therapy thing! (lucky duck-ette) May the year ahead bring you new opportunity and keep you in the best of health. :)

A seventeen year old girl was killed in Montreal late last week as she worked her first over night shift as a gas station in the north end of town.
Man hunt... they'll catch the killers maybe... but I'm not so sure that really matters much to me. What really burns a hole in my shorts is that some gas company put a 17 year old girl on the over night shift at a gas station... I mean wtf? Talk about giving "graveyard shift" a valid reason for the name.... It just seems so stupid and wasteful.

I watched an episode of "Dead Like Me".
Holy Well Written Show... made me feel. A lot.
Well done.

I wish...

gotta git... :)
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