Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok so, see... being freezing cold - because the programable thermostat thinks we're all out - and sitting with a lap top in front of a big ol'fire place is just not truly the right way to go if BEING AWAKE is part of the plan. I literally slept away half my afternoon ... the first twenty seconds of that sleep introduced several pages of the letter "f" to my document...


Ed's Birthday... Let's see... Suz and Geo set up a really fun Treasure Hunt for him last night. Geo bought him a giant Kit Kat choco bar and a card for his b-day... and that was the "treasure". The idea here is that you get a bunch of strips of paper the size of book marks, and each has a clue leading to the next thing. It's hard to "generalize the plan" so I'll give you some examples;
Ed's current harry potter book lives on his bedside table.
The fry-pans live in the drawer under the stove...
As a step in the "Treasure hunt"... he comes to the front hall bathroom because of the last clue and finds... A frying pan, with a clue. The clue says "Put me away!".
In the drawer under the stove ... is his Harry Potter book, with another clue that reads "Put me where I belong".
On and on... One of my ties is in the fridge... Moms wireless keyboard is in a bathroom... etc. etc. etc...
HE HAD A BLAST... rushing around finding stuff... :D
Today at school... big "cup cake" bonanza... celebrating with classmates.
Tonight... McDonalds... (ug) because he gets to choose his dinner.
Saturday night... b-day dinner at my folks house... with my side of the family tree... co-celebration with a nephew.
Sunday afternoon... Laser Quest with 7 friends (always have as many invited kids as his age...)
Next Saturday night... b-day dinner with suz's family ... co-celebration with a niece. :D

No shortage of b-day celebrating... :D

Now... I need to go figure out why the coat rack FELL OFF THE WALL in the front hall. :( :( :(***

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