Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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My "library" in iTunes is not huge by the standards of some of you with vast archives of music... but my 7-800 songs provide plenty of fun.
Throughout my playlists, however, there are these "other" files. I have one that is just a whole bunch of nbbmom doing song segues when she worked at 3WV...(and I looooove listening to that), then there are a handful of peoples "phone posts" - really kinda fun to hear your voices!!, and a few "sound effects" snagged when I was doing some video edits...

My headphones just filled with "manscream" hahahaha... just as a group showed up to hold a meeting at the round table behind my desk.
It was rather appropriate and kinda funny. :)

So I thought I'd share... [ :: Man Scream :: ]

enjoy. :)
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