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Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 25

Hey, 'appy Robbie Burns Day... and get your head out of the hagus!

Day starts mild and gray... and I'm in sunglasses by the time I'm walking the two blocks from the car to the office. :)
I like sunshine.

I will be skiing this weekend. Ass "sore factor" is so low that I just can't imagine not going!!!

I finally got around to watching the Jon Stewart from last week when he did the bit on the Canadian Election... Oh my god... my coffee almost shot OUT MY NOSE when he did the little "speaking french" thing... This must be a short linkable video somewhere on the net... gah!!!! Sofa King Funny...

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ gray t, hiding under a warm brown turtleneck sweater
~ totally on the ball for the morning show (kids to school thing)
~ I was gonna go and get trixie... (actually, it's josieanne) to do the hair cut... but I just can't get my knuckles around paying someone 15$ + tax to run a number 3 trimmer over my head. I gotta get Z to do this tonight. :)
~ work ... big honking freaky meeting at 10:30. more on that later.
~ tonight...? ok... I'm planning on watching SOMETHING... and maybe LOST.
~ where is ... when is (please don't tell me I've missed it!) the return of PRISON BREAK???
~ to send three cheers to celtic_bairn for big decisions!! :D
~ and for the world to spin a whole new direction for kaeren...
~ hey... harleydog... dodge the flying scotch!
~ and tonya... just wanted to smile at you... mostly because you're too darn precious for words...

Troops? I thought you said they were Terrorists?
So the War On A Noun* progresses. American troop commitments, to say nothing of the canadian, british and others, that have landed in Iraq to fight the dreaded Noun, continue to suffer losses of life, and expending VAST resources, financial and physical, to support the war. It has never made sense to suppose that "the terrorists" would be in some specific spot waiting for the weight of American Resolve to fall upon them in a blaze of flaming phosphorus (That is saved for villages filled with civilians).
Last time I checked... terrorists huddled in basements mixing chemicals and plotting evil. Complicated networks of distinct 3 and 5 person "cells" worked towards common goals ... in semi-ignorance of one another.
How is blowing up Iraq going to change that? I mean... if I was a terrorist, I'd think this was too flipping good to be true. "Dear Brothers, go blow up that building, and don't worry... the americans will go blow something up in Iraq in retaliation. ps. please tell mom to write me at the summer home in Prague."
What happened to meeting the enemy with a like force?
Send out specialists with a few black hawks and good intel and blow the fuckers up in their "summer homes".
Why wage a war that basically boils down to "blow up a city somewhere and then spend the next decade rebuilding it and letting the pissed off residents blow us up with car bombs."
Here's a great quote from the LA Times (thanks Vaun) that really puts things in perspective;

"Had we waited, the value of the information we would have learned from the inspectors would arguably have saved the nation at least $1 trillion — enough money to fix Social Security for the next 75 years twice over." [ :: source :: ]

* Terror is a Noun... and having a war on it... has never made sense but ... whatever.

(pic from a day of protests in 2004 over a Bush-y visit)

I have to admit... I sure live in neighborhood of generous souls. :) I'm the "official canvasser" for a section of my community for a couple of worthy charities (The CNIB - services to the blind, and the Ontario March Of Dimes - services to the disabled). I went canvassing on our street this weekend... and every house with someone at home contributed... and I'm talking 10 and 20 $ donations. It's heartwarming. :)

Ok... time to jet. :)
have a great day...
and make some room for art in that busy life of yours.
It will pay you back for whatever time you invest in it.
Create it... observe it... think about it...
Art, in all forms, awakens parts of your brain that hard work tries desperately to shut down.

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