Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 24

It's a beautiful day... I mean... crazy gorgeous. There was sunshine when I was driving... but I suppose it's graying up a bit as I hide here in my cubicle.

We got up a little late. If I didn't wake my family up... physically waking them up... despite two alarm clocks... nobody would wake up. Period.
I wake them... i dress them... well, some of them... I feed and coffee them (Ok, I don't "coffee" the kids) and I see 'em off to work and school.
Someday... someone will "see me off to work" too... sigh.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ white t and maroooooon five dress shirt
~ and another tie...
~ document morning...
~ meetings with big cheese types in the afternoon. (it's CIO day... :D)
~ My PVR may explode soon... because we keep a'tapen stuff... but not watching... :( hahaha...
~ all the best to sugarvaulter with plans to make... little changes. (grin)
~ hopes and prayers (and I don't offer prayers lightly) to innerly for a speedy return from the brink!!
~ and to send some warm thoughts and nice vibes across the world to my friend uniclycommon ... just because... :)

Regarding the Canadian Federal Elections.
Of all the possible outcomes... I guess I have to admit I'm not horrified by this one.

I like that the NDP got more seats. I dislike them on a philosophical level - because I know my children and their children cannot afford the NDP socialist expense column. But more seats means a greater voice on the issues that I believe makes the NDP a valuable component of our 3 party system ... i.e. environment, and poverty.

I like that the block lost some steam... if not seats - but there's always next time. I just freaking hate that they get to run federally. It is ridiculous and I'm all for jailing the lot of them.

The liberal party needed... sadly... to be shaken up. I want desperately for them to realize they have not got a solution in the wings unless they embrace real change within the party policy and platform framework.

And I continue to dream of a day when the "liberal democratic party of canada" runs in an election and takes the liberal and NDP votes. :)

There is so much to be afraid of, when looking at the make up of the Conservative party that it is very surprising they were able to avoid the cameras harsh observation through out the campaign.

I continue to believe the Liberal Democratic party of Canada would be the right way to go... heck... they would have won this election hands down. :D

I did a good thing. Contacted a mayor... a far away city... because someone I know who lives there... is truly one of a kind... in all the best ways there are to be "good". So now I got the mayor and a councilor helping me sort out their process of nominating someone for a civic award. There are some truly remarkable people on my friends page... and it is almost - but not quite - painful ... wishing I could say or do something to truly make them feel appreciated.

A motto:

If you care enough to say you care...
Care enough to show it.

later skaters.

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