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Ok... so (last post) that felt good... I'm telling you there's a lot to be said for just opening it up and gushing... hehehe.. I make a great fan!
Now... I got one super rocking kick ass coworker that found me a rpm for linux called ipmasq-adm that is hopefully gonna solve my streaming problems and thegirlwith the unbelievably great hair has presented me with an ideal solution to the whole javascript refresh thingi for the still frame cam... Now I gotta get the graphics done for the rest of the site and tie up a bunch of html... although I'm way too much of a kid in a candy store to not turn on cam action long before the site is up... LOL...

We'll see how much I can get done this weekend.

Today is a wrap... I'll see ya...

Oh, and by the way... tonights Survivor challenges... I'm betting it's gonna pay to be either SMALL or Smart and that physical strength wont count for shit... I'm thinking the producers want us to think Cheese boi is under the gun but we'll see.... Nick was none to healthy last week.

Later Lj.

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