Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ there is both a Baghdad and a Bagdad in Iraq. And their relatively close.

~ I have sooooo (fill the page with "oooo") many pictures... and I am well and truly beyond being able to organize them effectively.
And no, I don't actually move 'em around... I just use tools that are supposed to help. The best so far is Picasa 2 (free from google) but even that leaves me facing frigging hundreds of photo albums and scrolling away for ages trying to find a specific picture. GRRR!

~ we're gonna go watch LOST finally. :) (weee - off to see the admiral first!)

~ gotta see a man about a horse...

~ If I'm lucky... after LOST I'll find a few minutes to cruise around in "there" and then sack time.

~ oh... and WHY OH WHY DIDN'T STARBUCK THINK HELO WAS A SILON? (when she zoomed back to caprica in her hot-wired silon raider, to get "the arrow") hmmmm?
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