Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 22

Gangs all here! and - of course - Edward is making a face. sigh. :D

Holy snow filled universe!

Yesterday... snow storm all morning.
Z and boys went to the ski lesson and I stayed home... despite my desire to ski... I really should wait a little more. :( :( :( :(
But I was busy. Errands to Home Despot and Wallyland.
I tend to buy at those places with the intention of returning.
So like, yesterday... bought three types of wood trim for the island. Get home... look at all three and decide which looks nicest, return the others next time I go to the Despots! So I was painting, measuring, cutting, cursing, remeasuring, cutting... :) Today I'm hammering and "touching up". :)
I've managed two more "de-clutter" projects too. (the "de-clutter" thing is all about getting the house ready for the move... making it all purrrty for sell'en.)

We totally zoned out playing last night...

OH OH OH!!! We watched... Red Eye... "we" as in, the boys and I, on Friday night "dinner and a movie" thing. (Z was out running).
It (the movie) was the only "PG" rated movie from the bunch the boys wanted to see... the rest were PG 14.
Now - it was a simple movie but very enjoyable and ... well, Rachel McAdams is kinda like dessert. :)
BUT ... I swear... PG 14 means they suggest sexuality and maybe focus camera time on some breasts or whatever...
Where as PG doesn't go to that horrible sex place... No... we only have people BLOWING UP, SWEARING, HEAD SMASHING, AND RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES FROM CRAZY PEOPLE.
I would sooner have my kids subjected to representations of sexuality (no, not actual sex... geez, relax would ya) than "representations of death".

~ green ftls
~ Mid-level-old (snarf) blue jeans...
~ long sleeve black shirt... and a black hoodie...
~ and I'm still shivering cold!
~ warming up!!
~ watching Battlestar at some point... maybe even LOST from this week.
~ finishing the "trim" project... boring pictures to follow.
~ entertaining Edwards friend who will be here any moment!
~ bathroom cleaning!
~ for some good news to find phatmommadee... and take care little Onyx.
~ to point out moxielass's post [ :: here :: ] with grrrrrrrreat links if you're using Firefox and and LJ!!
~ to send congratulations out to glossgirl... who got herself all married up last November... :D
~ to send some "find the happy" vibes to snwbrdette ... just 'cuz.
~ and to hold out quiet hope and many whispered words of care to my friend galebird...

Birthday moments...
~ for kea's little girl... happy number 4!

A telling and remarkably interesting aspect of this election: (Canadian Federal Election). The "Socially Conservative" riding candidates for the Conservative Party, have been withheld from the media, or - as they say - the media has been shielded from them. Why? Because they are likely to reveal the fact that 70% of the candidates oppose abortion, same sex marriage, equal rights, and freedom of religion. However... we're all soooooo busy being pissed off that the Liberal Party let a hundred million get wasted when the country was falling apart that we figure it's time to turn ourselves into a Bush Wet Dream.

If the Conservatives win a majority... we're well and truly fucked.
If they win a minority... we're wasting a huge amount of money, but it's way better than a majority.

The only real question is... who forms the official opposition and how long before Stronach tries to cross the floor again. :)

add a little cinnamon to your pancake mix ... :)
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