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Bond... James Bond.

hmm... Victoria made my co-worker one-happy-daddy last night, weighing in at 7lbs 9ozs.
~ yup! it's swish swish Thursday, dark and noisy pants with pockets fricking everywhere...
~ comfy comfy b.u.m. equip black boxers... nothing like a good grip to keep ol'smoothy happy. :D
~ the shirt that I'm wearing in my standard Lj head shot...
~ dem shoes
~ little dab'l do ya of D&G 'cause smelling good just can't suck.
~ a client site visit a little later ...
~ to totally enjoy watching S2 tonight ...
~ the flowers had any frigging impact what-so-ever on her attitude.
~ I had a decent java script for web cam refreshes...
~ there was some way to properly explain why it is that a super casual looking pair of denim overalls, tennies, and a drop dead sexxi top (maybe a tight snakeskin T, or a bustier) is the sexiest outfit in the universe. ok, I'll try... The whole raw sex outfit made of lace and stilletto's says "Hi, I'm eye candy. I'll just stand here and you can get all ga ga.. Ok?" where as the overall deal drips self confidence and screams that "you really outta hold on to something 'cause this is gonna be fun."

Ok, I'll stop. :D
back later... today is going to be the most beautiful weather day in the last 7 months in Ottawa... I'm gonna make today rawk or die trying.
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