Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, January 18

I was making faces again... but the "laughing at myself" pic seemed like a keeper. :)

So the universe got mild last night... mid evening. You know... 0 or 1 degree... nice huh?
Yeah... then came the rain. If it was snow... we'd be buried. However... it wasn't snow.
It was rain. And at 0 and 1 degree... well... that's basically ice.
Everything was a solid sheet of ice this morning.
The school buses canceled pronto.
So I had to drive the boys in and then slip slide to work.

FLASH: I am thinking very seriously about putting a "for sale by owner" sign out Feb 1 and running with that for a couple of weeks (and a newspaper note) ... just to beat the bushes and see if anybody is actually waiting for a house to go on sale on our street. (We live in a highly desirable location) If that happens... we'll have saved ... more than 15,000. If it doesn't work... well, we go for the Real Estate Agent.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ black cargos
~ dk blue turtleneck
~ gray sweater
~ well... work. I mean... you know... it's either that or slack off...
~ LOST tonight. (yes ... we finally watched last weeks LOST. :D)
~ more room "decluttering"... (it never ends)
~ that beachdog's Saturday adventure goes well... :)
~ to smile and wave at modernarchetype... just 'cuz...
~ that I someday get to have dinner with notcharming... :D
~ and that debby at least dries off before putting herself away next time...

As a breakwater to stem the tide of Conservative movements towards bringing to Canada closer ties with Georgie Poopie Head, the Liberal and NDP federal parties offer up policies and issue positions that aren't so bad when you look at some of them. The liberals remain painfully scarred by the scandals that rocked their tenure in the green-room (parliament). The red-room (Senate) is well populated with Liberal thinkers that seem shielded from the scandals... scary! The NDP carry wonderful documents outlining ideas that fit well with my sense that whatever we've been doing for the last fifty years has to have been wrong... just look at the planet!) theme. However, the NDP has blinders on their heads over so many other issues that they continue to scare me.
So ... I continue to wish that there was some way they would get together and form the Liberal Democratic Party of Canada (LDP). The kind of coalition would gather a majority of votes ... hands down.

Oh... and PSAC - the union that represents the Federal Public Service... recommended that their members all vote for the block candidates in their home ridings.
That alone is reason to tear down the PSAC offices and get all the union leadership up against the wall.

A woman who was an Environment Minister back in the nineties when the NDP ruled the province of Ontario was participating in a conversation about the election on CBC today. The focus was on the various parties and their environmental commitments. She notes that the NDP have an excellent record and policy on all things Environmental and that Jack Layton (head of NDP) is really plugged into the environmental issues. She then says a few glowing things about the conservative environment critic and the liberal Environment Minister but points out that they don't seem to have the party leaders ear. Her conclusion... "no one that matters is thinking about the environment." Well now... if that's not the antithesis of a ringing endorsement for Jack Layton, I'll never hear one. :)

If he's "not that into you" ...
and you've only just realized,
then count yourself lucky.
Look around ... the world is
full of women that simply
refuse to understand.
Ask yourself this one thing...
Are you the prize?
If you don't feel that...
If he doesn't make you believe that,
then you're not.
And sugar...
You are the prize.

smooch. gotta git. :)
See ya.

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