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BB Update:
Ok, where do I start... lets start with a resounding AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Brittany, the only qualified entertainer on the show, nutty as she might be, is banished ... and with all likelyhood as a result of a radio sponsored FREE VOTE FOR BRITTANY line in Georges home town.

That said, I am way behind on the review of all available info so while I catch up I'll do my best to catch you up too. The hometown of HG George (aka elmer fudd except stupid'er... No, I know, Pinky - as in Pinky and the Brain) Rockford, Connecticut (I think it's in Conn) was put up on the old boob toob (appropriate name for a television in these days of touting unrealistic steriotypes - can u spell baywatch?) as the centre of the evil empire last night. Basically the residents of the death star, with Teresa (aka The Sith Lord) - Georges wife - at the helm. CBS does a little live action from the bridge of the death star showing all the storm troopers lining up to make phone calls voting for TMD (Brat) and therefore trying to save Pinky. All expenses (1-900 numbers) covered by a local radio station.

Ok, lets look closer. The radio station in question is an affiliated station of - yes you guessed it - CBS. The stick they played on TV made it look as though about elevendy-zillion phone calls were placed from Rockford. Why did they vote - en mass - for the Brat? Well 'cause Pinky nominated her. Yea he nominated Josh too, and by the by, why did he say he nom'ed TMD? 'Cause she asked him to move (he was standing in front of her chair during the sumo wrestling challenge).

CBS, that bastion of truth and love, is reputed (see various discussion boards) as having asked Rockford to move the big free phone vote night from one night to a different night to accomodate their desire to include the segment in the live show... and what did Julie Chen (the queen of CLMs*) ask Brat's mom... "What do you think of what George's wife did back in Rockford"... Gee! Journalism hits new heights of incitefullness (is that a word?). So what happens next time George is on the block? The town mobilizes again? What's the point in casting a single vote?

Time for a tactical nuclear weapons. Lets make a reason to use the phrase, "the previous site of Rockford, Connecticut"

The theres the airplane banner that CBS let everyone see!!! what the hell was that...?
Where is this line of reasoning going? CBS is not only head-fucking the house guests, they are cluster fucking the bunch of us... did you know you were a contestant on this show too? (well if your in Canada or the US you are) Only problem is that we can only loose money to them ($1 a call) and we have no chance of winning anything... ug. (and again.. sorry for the fowl lingo, I'll revert to HF for Head F$%K and CF for Cluster F%$K ok?)

Wow it's after 5:00 and I gotta go... actual update on BB later... (as opposed to just me ranting...)
* CLMs "Career Limiting Moves"

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