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Ok... so things are weird.
Well, ok ... not so much weird,
just ... you know... weird.

Like... Ok, home from work with a pit stop at Home Despots Are Us
to get "Armstrongs Shine Keeper" floor treatment, because I've
become more than just a little anal about the floor project.
Then home... scoop up kids, because suz is going on a run even
though her knee was giving her problems... (but she went on the
1 and 3 run not the 1 and 10 run - for your running-room aware folk -
so it wasn't so bad)...
So she was out of the picture for the dinner zone.
I needed some Mr. Clean "magic eraser" sponge thingies... (anal)
I had new coupons...
Wally-Land has the "internal golden arches"...
So we did McDeath and Sponges at the same time... well, consecutively...whatever.
Off to Block Buster to rent... (drum roll) "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill".
George was literally angry at me. (bwahahahahaha) So I bought chips too.
Home to play for the kids while I get to use the eraser on the
scuff marks on the floor that no amount of washing will ever remove...
(those eraser things are the six... squeak squeak squeak ... and the scuff is gone).
Move the buffet in the kitchen (last square footage(s) to be
cleaned before the big "floor polishing" extravaganza)... and
cleaned under it.
Suz comes home... she has a quick shower, and comes to watch the movie... for a "family affair".
I turn on the tv... press guide ... and "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"
is just ending on Discovery... it's on again at 1:00 am.
... eh.
I go to get the kids...
... and it totally goes to pot.
Not interested... (he read the back of the box...
To quote my eloquent eldest:
"Oh sure... come and watch the mamby pamby happy ending of a homeless guy that CONNECTS with a bunch of parrots.")
No idea on the planet where he got "mamby pamby".
That alone had me frozen in mid thought, struggling to refocus
my eyes to be certain I was talking to Geo.
I briefly imagine beating him with a skillet
Then acknowledged that anywhere I try to go with this will
just take me to a place where I'm forcing my kid to watch
some freaking movie...
so I dropped it. :)
It's from Blockbuster so... returning it anytime in the
next 10 days is pretty well a no problem thing.
We'll see if I get them to catch the Mamby Pamby Parrot movie. :D
(I'm still looking forward to it... !!!)
Any hoo... they're gone (long gone) to bed, in anticipation
of ski classes in the morning.
I'm staying home to "do the floor". :D
But I'm making lunches and packing gear tonight.

Now? I'm thinking the admiral... some fresh coffee...
and maybe Lost from the other night. :)

Sorry... I really rambled there. :)
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