Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok... a couple of things...

1. go to and watch the trailer for [ :: Imagine Me & You :: ] and the trailer for [ :: Tristan And Isolde :: ]
(both look excellent!)

2. I need some advice ... see my kids play runescape.
It's a good site and I am confident that their interactions
there are not hurtful or worrysome. We monitor their play etc.
Now they are both asking me about a book they've
heard about. It's a book about "RuneScape Millions"
(how to earn a million game dollars) There are Leach
Sites that theoretically offer to let you download the
book if you do this and that... or other sites that charge
you $5.50 outright for the download... I smell a rat,
of course, but even when I wave away the Rat Smell...
I can see that maybe it's a good idea - kind of "game
play recommendations" ... but then the process of
getting them out has been messed up and is now a
bit shady. So ... question: Anyone have a downloaded
copy of the Runescape Millions book? Or had an experience.???

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