Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

very domestic moment... :)

Scale... sorry I didn't put my hand in a shot for scale sake.
The black diamonds in the flooring... are about 1.5 inches a side.

These pics are "close ups"... the floor looked pretty good to
everyone but us before I started cleaning... but the goal is
to get it completely "scrub" clean and then put a surface on it
to bring out the "shine" and make it look like a million bucks
for the open house zone in February.

This is a typical section of the floor... not horrible, but a "dirty" that doesn't
clean with a sponge mop and cleaner (no matter how hard you press).

And this is a high traffic area (this specific spot is directly in front of the fridge,
where your toes would be if you were digging around in the fridge. :D
You can see how the surface of the flooring is "pocked" with tiny little dents.
(dents that collect dirt yo... )

And an example of the difference between a traffic area and a cleaned section!

So I'm almost done. I've scrubbed every inch of the floor except
under a buffet that has to be moved.... I've already moved the range
and the fridge etc... after that, (saturday) I'll go over the whole
thing with the mop then put the resurface stuff on it. :)
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