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Wednesday, January 11

Holy crap... fricking Mother Nature is on a tear!!! (skank).
Freezing rain greeted the day... a layer of ice over everything!!! My car was on the laneway and suz's was in the garage, and she ALMOST slid right into my car when she was backing out!!! gah!!!!

It's warmed up a bit (bad for skating!!!) but I think the "ice layer" just got slick... versus actually going away.
Sigh. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ black... er... treacle cotton cargos
~ black turtleneck
~ dk gray sweater...
~ hmmm... a little white makeup... and I'm goth. :) ar ar ar...
~ move slow to start the day... kids off and then me off at 9
~ work meeting from 10 to noon'ish
~ afternoon with another client... (leaving any second now...)
~ another nice night ahead... seriously enjoying a relaxed post christmas calm... :)
~ and I know it's the calm before the storm... the house goes on the market soon... sigh.
~ the thank hisbeauty for making such a thought provoking post... (I'll repost later!! :D)
~ to smile and wave at that "southern girl"... debby!! :)
~ and to just send some good vibes out to notcharming ... just 'cuz. ;)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Jennifer!!! (jenlovefl2003) May the year ahead be blessed with good health and great fortune... and ... good weather!!!
And to dear dee dee... happy birthday dinkydo. May your year be pants free... :) And I do hope the dreams you keep, become the memories you make. You remain a golden coin carefully tucked in my treasure box... Thank you sugar.


"Broken" is not quite the issue... fortunately.
I have to say... all the stories from people about how a broken (actually broken) tail bone simply NEVER healed... or took years to find relief... and the warnings from people to not be too sure it's NOT broken just because it's doing a little better... it all conspired to totally bring me down. I was ... I have been... rather down since this happened and really very seriously worried about the long term.
It's a big load off my mind to find that it is, in fact, only really-really-hurt... and not broken. :)
I have had more than my fair share of broken bones in this life... and I really want to have "got that out of my system" when I was younger. :D

I believe that the national media should fricking ignore the Block Quebecois candidates or at the very least... it's leader.
Ducepe has absolutely "nothing to lose"... because he cannot win a government (not enough candidates to do anything except form an opposition ... and that would be a stretch. "Nothing to lose" in politics is dangerous... The problem being that he gets to talk about solutions without having to worry about how he's going to pay for them... or whether or not they will actually work.
I really think all of Canada (save the fricking "homeland" - Quebec) should totally snub this guy every time the candidates talk.

K... gotta jet.
See ya. :D
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