Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

So... clinic "doctors" are not "your doctor" and you have very little hold over them.
And seeing as our family doctor fired us ... and we are totally without doctor...
we rely on the clinic.
So when I hurt my ass... off I went to the clinic. She sent me, form in hand, to another clinic, where I received several x-rays.
Then ... two weeks later, I'm politely ... but struggling to not get pissed off... asking the clinic admin to tell me what the comments on the x-ray say.


in the end... she wouldn't say.
All she would say was that;
a) I can come in when the doc that saw me is in and ask her for a review
b) if the x-ray said there were broken bones... "we would have called you."
(*but I need to know one way or the other with clarity so I can embark on the proper fitness regime to regain the use of my body!)

So I have to go on ... they didn't call, so it must not be broken.

bottom line: I didn't break my tail bone.
I just pissed it off something terrible. :)

k... time to drive home. :D
see ya/.
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