Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 10

puffy much?
No idea... but I wont be doing it again soon... promise. :)
Well... I got a lot done last night... but a big OD on 24 was not part of it... sadly we only got to watch one epi. :)
I did make massive advances on my kitchen floor project... I have about 1/4 of the floor left, not counting the parts I have to do after I move the fridge and stove. :)
(After all that... it's wax time)

We did a "declutter a room" project too... we did the living room last night... handily the easiest room to do but it's a start. :)
The house is going up on the market in 3 weeks... we have a lot of clutter to get rid of between now and then.

It's all about sunshine today. The boys made their buss and I made it to work by 9:00 so ... it's a good start to the day.

If you really need me just reach out and touch me, come on sugar let me know
R.S. :)

~ oh man... you would frigg'en laugh...
~ shower, dress... in blue ftls,
~ beige p-z pants
~ new brown turtleneck sweater.
~ then, after breakfast, when I'm about to leave...
~ total change into blue dockers
~ blue t with a blue dress shirt, and tie...
~ look in mirror... get frustrated.
~ strip
~ look at clothes on hangers... try on pants that don't fit, look at shirts that need ironing...
~ put on beige p-z pants
~ new brown turtleneck sweater
~ leave. sigh.
~ six interviews today... meetings with big-cheese types at this client site... it's all very exciting actually. :)
~ sort out data from meetings...
~ get my ass home.
~ watch some 24 tonight... before frigg'en midnight. :)
~ I could understand cynica's issue with propellers
~ to lend some sympathy to my west coast friends who are enduring the 11,000th straight day of rain... That's one wet monkey.
~ and enough of the teasing... I want it all boo1!!! :D (wedding photos... mind... gutter... geeze!) :D

So it's starting... the Liberal Party push towards the goal line.
As expected, the line has everything to do with acting aloof about the silly things the opposition says they're gonna do, and not a lot of substance on what the liberals will actually DO... but I'm not complaining... I'm just observing. The media is not quite on board yet... they usually lag behind the message by a few days. So we'll continue to see ugly pics of Martin, and read poll results that put the Conservatives ahead by enough for a majority win. Then after another four or five days, we'll see better pics of Martin, some weird-o shots of Harper and then the Liberals will win a minority government. sigh.

The ALL PARTY (except the greens) DEBATE (english) was last night... and the french version is tonight... We all sat down, kids, suz and I, to watch last night. Not exciting but ... still, it's pretty important to know what we're getting into. I'll watch the french one...
I have and continue to struggle with the notion that whatever we (collective, country wide "we") have been doing must be wrong because things are really seriously fucked up lately - environment, immigration, balance of trade, taxes, military, etc...

This "we've been getting it wrong, so let's change." attitude was - honestly - driving me towards an NDP vote... I never hoped or imagined that the NDP would / could / should form a government... but there are plenty of good ideas wrapped up in their socialist dogma. I especially liked the way the Liberals and the NDP worked together at the beginning of the last government term (minority liberal cabinate) to form policy and effect change. It was very pleasing to me... a voter.
Now, however, things are all messed up again.

The politicians actually hate one another and it shows... and despite any good the NDP may espouse for the environment and charter protections, I still have to stomach the notion that Jack Layton (head of the NDP) would NOT TAKE HIS WIFE TO A FOR-PAY CLINIC if she were injured and had horrible pain but was told she would have to wait months for service. He would "not take her" because he believes in the Canadian medicare system. Right there... he lost my vote. Not because he "believes in the Canadian medicare system" ... but specifically because he's either a liar or he's fucking crazy. If your wife is in terrible pain, you discard all of your believes and values and find a solution to her problem... period. Same goes for your kids. Anything less then you really ought not to be married, let alone a parent.

So the NDP are out.
Harper continues to scare the shit out of me... So the Conservatives are out.
I can't in good conciounce throw my vote away voting for the greens or the weed party...
So that leaves the liberals.
They are basically a bunch of thieves that have been in power so long they have developed this big honking sense of entitlement.


Time to fly. :)
Have a wonderful day muchachos y muchachas... :)

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