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Monday, January 9

BEEP BEEP BEEP.... swwwwwack!!!
CLICK "... it's just about 7:00 o'clock and when you get outside... you'll find about five centimeters of snow on your car..."
There was about 8 to 10 inches of snow on my car... at 2.5 cms the the inch, that works out to ... A LOT MORE THAN FIVE CMS!!
Sigh. Snow Snow Snow everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Woke up with the alarm... enjoyed Georges resurgence in wanting to be wrapped like a mummy in my housecoat and on-the-floor outside the shower in the morning while I get ready for work. :)

The kids got off to school ok, no coughing or worries that they're not healthy... but of course, they'll come home from the Germ Palace... er... School, with runny noses.

The drive to work? from 8:20 to 9:55. sigh. freaking snow... roads were wwwway slick man.

~ green ftls
~ white tommy shirt
~ charcoal suit... it's "suit day".
~ meeting at 10:00 am... (had to boogie to make that one, and it was postponed to 11:00!!) and more meetings in the afternoon.
~ big work day!!!
~ tonight? big 24 OD. :D
~ that designergirl manages to beat the heat... as I dig out my laneway of snow!!
~ that some curls find their way back to razzberee,
~ to just shower ladymeg1 with praise, and words of hope... just 'cuz. :)
~ that the world of changes... settles down for kendokamel

Birthday moments...
"You, pimpinthebox, a permanent member of LJ... have been absent since September!" (er... quoting from a bio page. :D)
Happy Birthday pimp... where ever you are.

Why do people have to hurt one another?
I don't mean global conflict, smart bombs, 70mm cannons, or genocide in some far off country.
Sadly, that's called politics.
I'm not talking about your average school yard bully either, let alone what happens to that ass wipe when he grows up and starts fighting people in night clubs.
No, I'm talking about rolling down the window of your car to hurl insults.
Calling to someone so you can get their attention while you swear at them...
Letting whatever pressures are wrapping themselves around you, shield you from common courtesy.
For those of us that live in the west, surrounded by media and money, the world is a never ending attack on our self concept.
Depression never had it so good.
It's almost rare to find someone who is living free from the ravages of self doubt, insecurity, worry ... let alone fear.

Yet, in our haste to get to whatever pretend-emergency life has thrust on us, we forget our own feelings just long enough to dish out hate and hurt to people we don't even know.

Well know this...
A few choice words in a parking lot,
Attitude in a line up,
Impatience in a waiting area,
... can hurt.
Not just "oh, the big mean man said a nasty thing" hurt...
I'm talking the sitting in her car, bawling her eyes out hurt.
Renewed self doubt, casting off years of personal development in a heartbeat to be replaced by fear and insecurity.... all because you were in such a rush you felt it prudent to hurl a few insults at someone that has absolutely nothing to do with why you ended up behind schedule.

A beautiful woman may be just one "fuck off bitch" away from sinking into an eating disorder...
A large girl could be one "fat and stupid" away from gaining thirty more pounds and thrashing about in depression...
A hard working dad could be just one "You loser..." shy of turning away from his children to obsess over fitness, or work or some other less important thing.

There is no sharper blade then the rough edge of an insult.
Think before you strike...
What if it was your wife... your husband... your child... ?


K... gotta git...
Smile ... somebody loves you.

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