Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, January 6

K, I haven't gone outside - other than to get the newspaper - and it was... and it is... very sunny... but snowing and no, I'm not exactly sure how that's happening... but the snow is big puffy fluffy stuff ... so it's c-c-c-c-cold and breezy.

Live Journal Poll drawback: I wish I could go in and put multiple entries in a poll ... that way I would just go and add all the addresses of the peeps I have and am sure about to the Address Poll from yesterday. At last count it was up to 140 addis. Freak'en wow man... I mean, I was coping it into a data file and importing it into Excel and then ordering the list, then mailing it to myself in gmail to have a handy address reference, but now I'm just gonna add it to my lj memories and access it there...

If you think I have your addi...[ :: add yours anyways :: ]... as a favour to me... so I can just use the "one stop shopping for addresses".
(colour me impressed at the response to the poll... seriously. :D thank you !!!!)

They had a great time skiing yesterday... it could have been better conditions and with the schools out... well, it was a tad bit busy. :) But the boys had a blast and Z got her first day of skiing in for the season (quiet whimper from the sore tail-bone guy).
Ski lessons kick in tomorrow for the boys... and I do believe I'll end up sitting in a ski lodge with my lap top all day working on my client reports... :(

~ more black stipee ftl... different pair... promise. :D
~ new p-z jeans [ :: and I really really like them... holy comfy! :: ]
~ b.u.m. long sleeve and a gap hoodie.
~ holy label boy... :)
~ wake up and be all happy that my tail bone (still refusing to spell coccyx or whatever) feels to much better in the morning...
~ work on my report for my "other" client... all day... except the part of the day that I spend slacking off!!! (oh, hi boss)
~ drive out to "the land" for no really good reason, except I just kinda wanna see it again. :)
~ rent the next DVD in the 24 series from last season... (big fun, but with all the peeps coming back, I'm expecting Nina to crawl out of her grave or have a twin sister or something any second... :D)
~ to send a big squeeeeeze out to kristylicious... the getting-more-famous-by-the-day girl in LA... [ :: My Little Pretty :: ]
~ to send monster big giant hugs out to psychomagnet... just 'cuz... sweet d... I'm so glad you have some answers... :D
~ to know... what is the "official flower of New Orleans"
~ I could get ectv on the phone... :D (May you find... just what you need... :D)
~ and wishing for the very best of outcomes for stuckinkansas's dad today!

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday duhneese... duh-knees. :) May they year ahead bring your wonderful memories, great reasons to smile, good health and wonderful fortune to you ... and your family. ;) Have a grand day sugar-d. And ps. that shirt... "I AM NOT A GEEK... I'm a level 12 Palledin" ... is awesome!!!

January 23 is less than three weeks away. At two weeks prior I will be looking to the papers to see what rabbit the Liberals will be pulling out of their shorts to swing the press and the popular opinions. As it stands now... the press is favouring Harper (Steve-o Harpie: the guy that wants to rid the country of same-sex marriages, and put all the pot smokers in jail... oh, and he wanted to go to war in Iraq with his ass-master Bush) at the moment and this is made obvious by a project Geo is doing for school... He's cutting Liberal headlines and stories from the paper ... and it's like the Camilla-while-Dianna-was-alive thing... every picture published of the Liberal leader is when he's at his ugly worst. Scary stuff... but clearly indicative of the press bias.

Company share-purchase-plans result in the receipt of the companies annual report and a proxy vote form... and I gotta tell ya... after watching my christmas bonus float in and float away ("float" as in it-was-light) it sure is nice to read about the hundreds of thousands of dollars the board members got in bonuses to attached to their half million dollar salaries. Yessirree... talk about yer employee motivation factors...

snow is ice... just spread out thin and shapped in remarkable patterns.
when it's really cold out... the ice holds together as snow in much more delicate detail than you can imagine.
If the sun peeks through the clouds...
when it's snowing big giant super cold crystal flakes...
it catches on the edges of every flake as they twist and turn towards terra firma.
It's like a hundred million stars are falling ... gently... to the earth,
and when they pile up... it's like they all get together and call out in a secret language
that only children and the-young-at-heart can hear.
"come and play"
It is lovely... beyond words... beyond poetry... beyond imagination.

See ya later skaters... :)
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