Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Address Zone

Ok... so I would very much like to have your snail mail address.
I have so many now that are either out-of-date or one-of-many-for-the-same-person...
that I really can't be all together certain I'm getting your addresses right. !!!!

Please answer my poll below.
Each field has 243 characters, but try to use the first one only.*

I promise to never release your address to anyone, and I will - in fact - remove the poll after the weekend.
(Edit: I wanna keep the poll)

Please please please... take a moment.
(just enough address to get a post card to you. :)

Poll #646198 Address Zone

Your snail mail address...

only if you absolutely must... (more space)

* people that do an address poll and use separate fields for street, city, country, etc, etc... are just looking for hardship.
Consider the output of a poll... you have to look at each set of answers on the screen, one at a time. ahhh ! :D
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