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Thursday, January 5

So... Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom (aka, Crack induced ho-haze) has been alternating between rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, and outright snow. You cannot imagine... It's a "must see" sorta thing... First words I heard today were from the radio talking about "cars blocking exits", "medium littered with vehicles...".
So I get my shit together ... and go outside and shovel the laneway again... despite the fact that I would say my biggest mistake last night was shoveling the lane... but there's nothing for it... it has to be done. (oh my aching frucking arse!!) Oh, and "the truck" had been by... so there was a wee mountain at the end of the laneway. (grrrrr!)

Yesterday, while I worked at work ... Z had her own fill of work with zooming all over town to sort out the kids and this years ski season. Somehow... (don't ask me how) we managed to not realize George couldn't possibly fit into his ski boots. New boots for Geo, binding adjustments, (for suz with her new boots from end-of-season-sales last year, and for Geo). The ski shops were all "ok, we can have the skis ready by the weekend...." AHHHHH.

Once again "Sport Mart" earned out patronage by being staffed by genuinely helpful kids. There is simply no other store in the region that will get our "sport" dollars... Bottom line: suz got all the binding adjustments and new boots etc. done yesterday.

Why the rush? Well the kids need to get some freaking fresh air... but more than that... they start ski lessons this weekend. They need to ski a bit first!!! So today Suz is taking the boys skiing. Arranged with my brother to have my nephew go with... why? to ski with Geo while Suz handles Edward... And? Well it was all my brothers idea in the first place. My niece is a ski instructor so she (theoretically) has to be there... etc. etc. etc... phone calls and planning... Result: Suz has "yesterday" with all the zooming around and getting sorted for this morning. We pack last night... I get up and get the car ready for her this morning...

An Den?
Yeah, as she's getting ready to leave the phone rings and it's my bro saying "um... we're not going ... the roads are too slippery."

First... the roads are fine and second... I thought my niece "had" to be there?
she called nephew back and talked him into it...
They had a great day skiing. :D

~ A sore ass... (fuck... it was getting ... well, it IS getting better but ... that just means I "do" more... result: ouch!!!!!!!)
~ black stripee ftls
~ blue dockers
~ blue turtleneck
~ dk gray sweater
~ limp around like a loser with a sore ass.
~ meeting with a VIP at 11:00 and then spend the afternoon working on a survey to use in my VAST SERIES of meetings schedule for the next two weeks. (big stuff going on ... it's kinda exciting. :D - work is kinda fun lately)
~ tonight? more freaking 24... geez... This show makes me mental... (although I have to say, I'm laughing at a lot stuff ... like when Jack and his chick are talking about Tony at Tony's place... they're at his pc and talking about him like he's not there... but wait, he's just two steps away getting a cd from some drawer... hahaha... come on guys.)
~ for some kitty recovery in the world of sugarvaulter
~ that the generosity of others hurrys up and finds ewtikins ... although I s'pose the short skirt is always a good thing. :D
~ to send some congrats out to sadtomato just 'cuz...
~ a few quiet wishes for no1topaz who needs to do a few "spins" until things look different. :)
~ and some big back-slapp'en congrats to lady_anandia ... 'cuz she's such a smarty pants. :D :D :D

Birthday moment....
Happy Birthday kimmellee... :D May the year ahead bring you all kinds of happy... and I do hope the "ballad of the babysat" comes out ok as the days of your new year tick by. Have a wonderful year sugar and I hope you get a chance to celebrate. :)

OH big giant surprise ... Ariel Sharon is dying from a stroke in a hospital in Israel. Have you seen this guy? The man was a walking, talking, heart attack. And while he may have been a great politician - a centerist in a world gone extreme - he was still one of the seemingly endless list of crazy fuckers that have run Israel for the last fifty years. Now, of course, everyone is worried that without the popular middle-ground guy, the politics will swing left or right... heck, things might even turn violent ... They're worried that people will "take advantage of this unrest to cause ... unrest. WHAT A LOAD. The entire country of Israel, and all surrounding Palestinian enclaves... are populated by a vast crowd of people waiting for the next excuse to march, through rocks, molotov cocktails, and shoot. I'd like to see a little "gun control" over there... ha!!!! Here's a clue: Israel and the surrounding countryside does not need the impending death of a centerist politician to spur them into pathetic violence.

"Oh no... not another attempt by the evil government to stop people from having guns???? Go chase real criminals... and stop harassing us reasonable folks that have unused, poorly stored, dirty, likely dangerous shot guns, pistols and 22's in our basements. I need those for ... you know... protection. No way some kid is gonna come in here and steal them... I'm not ... um... even sure where they are... but they're in the basement. No... keep yer grubby hands off ma guns!!!"
[ :: Ottawa to announce gun amnesty today :: ]

Take all three political leaders (PC, Lib and NDP - I refuse to consider the Block an actualy political party... they are terrorists and should be jailed... but that's another rant) and put them in some kind of futuristic device that can meld them together and end up with just two guys... one made of all the reasonable and good ideas these politicians have... and another guy that can lose the election. :)

Later sk8ers...
"Can't get your kids to leave home? Stop cooking with cheese... "
(I love that commercial)

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