Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Posty McPostalot kinda day huh... :)

k... so I made it home safe and sound... holy moly were people driving slow.

Made dinner... kind of a crummy dinner, if I do say so myself... but we neeeeeeeeeeeed groceries.
Kitchen's cleaned up ... including the big tupperware explosion from cleaning out the fridge last night...
now it's time to go coral the kids outside and have 'em help me shovel the landway, then ...

Oh... and later... for fun and excitement...
I'll continue working on [ :: this :: ] .
That's my kitchen floor project...
You can hardly tell from the crummy picture... but that's the floor plan of our kitchen.
The vinyl sheet flooring... lovely stuff... (see "Tour of Casa De Corto" on my web site)
but it's "pitted" ... and I'm talking at the design level... across the whole floor, there are wee dents.
Well the dents become dirt traps around the traffic area...
Believe me... I wash the floor... I use a sponge mop and cleaner but those dents... don't give it up for a sponge mop.
So my "project" is to get the floor gorgeous before the house goes up for sale. (next month!!!)
The shaded areas on the wee picture are the "done" areas.
I'll shade in another 5 square feet tonight... (baby steps!)
I'm going at it with a nylon brush and cleanser, hands and knees and cleaning down to sparkle!
When - and if, considering I may yet die while doing it - I finish... I'm gonna wax the freaking floor.

Ok... time to get busy.

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