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Today ... well it's just soooo much better than yesterday!
How'd it start? With a 4:00 massive attack on my head by some strange as hell headache thingi that was not a migraine ... but it was gone by 8:00... so, basically I'm in a bring it on kind of a mood...
First thing I did today was go to the CSE national security centre... that's basically spook central canada style, sort'of a NSA office (for you 'merkans) to get fingerprinted and grilled en-route to my various security clearances (we have clearance clarence!) so I can do a technical eval of (dig this!) the entire tech infrastructure supporting the Canadian Securities Establishment... hahaha... what a blast.
~ non-swish-swish style cargos (dark blue) with a light blue mock neck and a dark grey cashmere sweater*
~ a smile (me and Z had a nice night... no, not that nice... but the little engine is getting up the hill... I can practically taste altoids! - wintergreen no less!)
~ a remarkably busy afternoon of actual work (*gasp*)
~ to crawl all over the TeVeo web site looking for Linux related solutions to ip forwarding... (streaming web cam stuff)
~ to do a huge happy dance on May 15 when Garbage releases a new album :D :D :D :D :D
~ to call this cool flower shop and arrange for the yellow roses...
~ I could (again) fly to england and sit around for a week just holding laini's hand and whispering to her about love and kissing...
~ it wouldn't land me in jail - or at least hot water - to have actually asked this girl I saw this morning to show me the rest of the tattoo...
~ I could figure out what I want my tattoo to look like... no idea but I am pretty lock on the fact that I will get one before my next b-day.
~ that Zac's mom, the incomparable super hero (kristy - my fav puglover) finds a place that will be a happy zone for her and Zac. (and that she remembers how great a fit Tim is in her life... - he'll be back soon Blossom)

We watched "almost famous" last night... Kym? you out there? have you seen this movie? did you love LOVE love it? It was very nostalgic feeling for me... I've been so many of the places that the movie takes you (figuratively)... the sister leaving home, the concerts... the road trips... the back-stage deal... the house party in Topeka! hahaha... the tour bus, the hotel parties... geez... It's like I was an extra in all the source code for that movie...

Lisa? have you got a furnace yet? I hope you realize - or will realize soon - that things are going to be great for you in about 10 daiz, no matter how you look at it... you'll know the truth and your heart will have helped your head make all kinds of good decisions... and whatever happens, you know I'll be right there... sitting on the grass with you, holding a big sharp pointed stick to protect ya.

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