Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

due in part to a wildly unfortunate decision in the land of parenting,
our children have seen the "Family Guy Movie" that came out a wee
while ago. I've since burned it and arranged to have the ashes cast
into the deepest well.

that being said, however... as I cleaned up after dinner they were
playing at the table and having a cookie or something... and one
of them mentions Brittany Spears. The other saids "who?".
Then I listen to ...

"you know, that singer, who was in the family guy movie."
(there was a "future" segment in the movie and Spears shows up...)
"oh yeah... she was big big fat girl in a wheel chair..."
then imitates her voice.. .
'Ah may have lost my leg to diabetes,
but I'm still sexy y'all... and now I'm gonna dance
for ya ...'
(Her wheelchair falls over, into an amp, catches fire
and the scene cuts away from her laying, in flames, on the stage.)

... and they burst out laughing...

(so, just say'en... score one for Family Guy)

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