Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Adding [:: coccyx :: ] to the litte list of stupid words.
There's no right way to say it that doesn't make you feel like you just said cock sucker... My doctor (she) said it with a decided smirk.

Members of "The List":

[ :: Uranus :: ] for the Water Sport in you... or - of course - [ :: Uranus :: ] the fudge packer paradise or the road-to-colan-xtacy.
[ :: Caucus :: ] [ :: sucker :: ]
Prime Minister Martin pulled his caucus together and made some last minute changes.
Clearly it's an issue for the caucus to sort out...
Mr. Pettigrew gets to play in Mr. Martins caucus...
Mr. Harris wants to have a caucus too...
Poor Mr. Layton... he can't find his caucus...

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