Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 30

(that would be my face as I say ... "ahhhhh sore bum!!!")

Well it's cold... it's (warning: idiot weather man speak ahead) "minus 10 but if feels like minus 19" (I will simply never get over how stupid they sound when they say that on the radio). It's fricking cold... BUT IT'S ALL SUNSHINE... glorious sunshine. We could be skiing up a storm right now.

Instead... the kids are playing game cube.
I have got to kick them out of the house and get them doing something.

Oh... maybe to a play this afternoon! :D

~ black stripee flts
~ medium old blue jeans... [ :: the old, but not yet ripped zone :: ]
~ and an old navy shirt...
~ up ... at a leisurely 10:00 ish... :D
~ nice long shower...
~ read a magazine about bathroom and kitchen design...
~ make waffles for the boys...
~ make banana - blueberry bread for ... well, me (and the rest of the family can fight me for bites)
~ now... look out at the LOVELY BRIGHT DAY AND WISH I WAS SKIING.
~ grrrrrrrrr!
~ I'd hear from the fricking doctors office... time to phone.
~ the worlds largest super tanker type ocean going (towards japan no less) ship load of luck (the good kind) out to no today...
~ to send some words out to gigglerz... see "//" below. :D
~ that dinkydo had fewer... or perhaps less costly issues with da'poochy, Daisy. :)
~ and a "go you" to razzberee on the resolutions. :D

Birthday moment...
My looooooong time, and very dear lj friend, rini is having a birthday! It's been an memorable and wonderful year to tuck away Sugar and I hope the year ahead brings you all kinds of wonderful news and great new memories. Have a very happy birthday and may you and your first husband (bwaahahaha... sorry) have a grand celebration.

Okidoki... Dan Brown is just way to mucking fuch fun. :D
Angels and Demons is a grand adventure. I'm halfway through and I'm writing down how I think it's going to turn out - who's what and why - just to see how wrong I am. :D Makes me wanna wax religious ...but I'll save that for another day.

So many wonderful stories to read... and so little time.
There was a time when I used the "default view" to basically filter my friends page down to a handful and read them for a while, then swap handfuls. Then I recall blocking everyone into three groups and reading one group in the morning and another at lunch, etc... ahhhh... For a while there I was seriously trying to keep up with everything. When I used to take a bus to and from work... it was easy then. I'd click and print vast bundles of "bus reading" from my friends pages and pour over them on the way home from work. :D Now... well I don't take the bus any more. There are hundreds and hundreds of journals linked up to mine... a small bunch are communities and I almost never read those... unless I'm looking for (example) a recipe or something. A lot of the journals are of the "seldom used" sort. It's neat to catch a post from someone who posts like five times a year. There are a bunch of dead journals and I usually try to note those and fry them away but I can never be too sure who's who what with all the name changes going on. :D I had one of those "Hey... you know I know someone who has a lot in common with you" moments with a journaler only to realize... it was that person - hence a really great deal in common eh! - just with a journal name change. :D
Any ways... now, with all the active journals and the significant draws on my time... work, life and kids... I read less. My current "method" is to just keep everyone (except communities) on my default view and when I can sit down to read, I read the current load of my friends pages (35 posts) and maybe one "earlier" click. I know I miss ... well most of what goes on, and I'm sure I must seem like a rotten friend but you know... I play as I can.
I get wonderful feedback from you guys when I ask for stuff and information, and I very much appreciate it. No lie man... it's just an absolutely amazing thing to me that the opportunity exists in this world to sample, to see, to connect with such an outstanding cross section of people and opinions.
l love you guys. :D

Opinions are easy.
It's the finding someone who will let you share them without being wounded that takes all kinds of effort.
aka. Talk is cheep, it's the listening that costs.

Time to go. :D See ya.
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