Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, December 27

And a couple of blasts from the past...
[ :: a tuesday picture from that time I was an extra on star trak... :: ]
[ :: or a tuesday picture when Geo and I had parts in Attack of The Zombies :: ]

So... mild mild mild... rain rain rain... then freeze freeze freeze.
Mother nature is a cruel and strange beast!
If you didn't shovel it away... it's a block of ice now.

and brrrrrrrr! It's c-c-c-c-cold.
Of course, there's always that mild thing again... so we can build up more ice.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ old... but straight out of the dryer jeans... :D
~ new blue turtleneck...
~ groceries...
~ return and exchange the hair dryer the boys bought mommy... :)
~ um... mango chicken for dinner...
~ wash a bathroom!
~ tobogganing.!!! (kids got new flyers. :D)
~ for fireflieslie to stop exploding and start getting butter... er... better. :)
~ that I mean willedit has a wonderful day. :)
~ to send a few good vibes out to harleydog... just cuz...

Birthday moments...
a very special happy birthday to an adorable friend... May you have a wonderful celebration and grand year ahead sugar... Happy Birthday girl_quiet.

So we got the kids new rocks for their collections. The shi-shi-poo-poo kids toy stores have little boxed, labeled, etc. collections. They're different... one is a "mineral" collection and the other ... I forget the name. Geo is opening his up...unbagging and setting the new rocks in the display holder thingy. :D
"Dad... what is Granite? Is it like super hard...unbreakable!???"
(walking from kitchen to family room)
"Oh... well we're gonna have new counter tops made out of that stuff but... it's not unbreakable... Can I see?"
(he hands me the small granite rock - Edward stands up to see)
"Can I see?"
(Edward reaches... is handed and begins to look at the granite... and with a deft pull... SNAPS IT IN HALF)
(no he is not Bam Bam... it's just fragile)
Geo... in tears... quiet little "rats" type tears...
Edward? Dissolved in tears... total "feeling horrible about that" tears...
Me? Trying desperately to not collapse laughing...

You had to be there...
All is well ... "Look at it like this... Now you have two granite rocks...."

Kindness is like a virus...
Easily transmitted and embraced by the frail human body.
But this virus does not ravage...
It rekindles the spirit and strengthens the heart.
May you be soon infected.

See ya.

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