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holy crap... I'm like... well, I keep falling asleep ... like I have narcalepsy (sp?) or something.
Shhh... don't tell me to go to bed... too much to do!

The day was wonderful... :)

I got to nick downtown and buy up some stocking stuffers in "Sugar Mountain" (store) ... and then !!!
I had the big goofy pleasure of meeting harleydog ... she was at work (waitress in a kilt baby!)
I brought her kifli and smiles... I was such a dough head... I get there and brain freeze on her actual first name (Yes, I actually know... knew it)
So I corner a waitress and I start trying to explain that I'm looking for this girl who I don't know but ... er... well general "crazy person here" kinda talk, but she (other waitress) eventually said "Oh ... you mean her?" and pointed to this lovely young woman who put on a great big smile. We got to chat for a bit (she was working) and then it was merry christmas time and off to shop.

Home and then several little jobs to do before the dinner hour ... which brought us to our neighbors house ... they were having a big, catered, christmas party. Big Basement Play Zone Bonanza... filled up with kids right quick. I sat with this guy chatting for an hour... and when we exchanged emails ... I'm looking at his name and d'oh!!! He is the big brother of one of my best friends in high school... He was always chasing me out of their house!! :D
He looks mostly like the dad on "That 70's Show" ... :D

Lots of good socializ'en... and when we were done we collected the kids from "the zone" and walked 18 feet to our house. :D
neighbor parties are the best sort...
so little travel time. :)

Now it's late and I'm dead tired ... but I have to wrap things... :)

Did already mention meeting harleydog?? :D

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