Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, December 23

It's a gray day... but the weather idiots are calling for days and days of "light snow"... which will make for a pretty christmas.
EVIL NOTE: the same weather dudes, are saying "freezing ice pellets" (WTF???) all afternoon too... so maybe we'll all be dead enjoying our white christmas... Dunno about you but "freezing ice pellets" sounds like a police crowd control weapon!!!

I had a great sleep... but it was way too short. But I finished that DVD for Geo's friends mom... (that christmas spirit thing is raging baby!!!) and I got up today with an extra early alarm to put this big breakfast casserole in the oven for Z ... she made it last night (but it had to "sit in fridge for eight hours before cooking"), So up to pop that in the oven and up again an hour later to uncover and cook it more... then out of the oven at 7:30 to sit for a half hour and then she was out the door with it.

Busy morning and I haven't even left the house yet! :D
(and yes it's late... but I'm really not concerned. :D)

~ dk green ftls
~ NEW p-z jeans and ... [ :: oh man, I love new jeans! :: ]
~ b.u.m. t with an old navy ski sweater and yes... I'm label boy... chew me. :)
~ fast day...
~ zoom out of here... office for the morning...
~ zoom home again... maybe zing into the market and see if I can find someone!
~ zoom home... wait... did that...
~ wait... go out and get the last gift on my list...
~ and home again to wrap stuff in my "secret wrapping paper" (just Stuff z hasn't seen)
~ and look all cheshire when z gets home from work. :)
~ no plans tonight except getting the kids to be at a decent time... (gotta start two nights ahead to get 'em up on Christmas morning or - no kidding - they will sleep till 10:00...) My boys are really good sleep-in-ers. :D
~ that lunaobrien enjoys her wee bit of peace and quiet...
~ that the dorkgirl is well and good!
~ to send out some heart felt words of care and hope for a friend and a truly kind heart... njtech. I hope the day turns all the way around!

Birthday Moment...
A very happy birthday to __charismatic... a most beautiful and creative woman!!! May you and your main squeeze enjoy the holiday and I hope you have a lovely birthday.

Canada's highest court struck down a law that had previously been used to bust up "Swingers Clubs".
Result: Bath houses and Swap'dat'bitch clubs are perfectly legal and ... as usual, prospering in Montreal and Toronto. The Swap Clubs are in Montreal... and the Bath Houses are in Toronto. Hm... wonder what that implies?
The whiners are out in droves... religious mouths that can't shut up and "social decay" prophets are practically melting in their birkenstocks.
I listened to the one big point the nay-sayers wanted to make... "Yeah, well... I'd like to see what one of those supreme court judges would have to say when they want to build a bath house in his neighborhood... or in his community or city!!!" Bwaahahahahahahaa...
K, first: They (whoever "they" are) don't want to build a gay bath house in some shi-shi-poo-poo neighborhood next door to the judge... I promise.
And second... Shut The Fuck Up: People don't care if their town has a bath or swap club house... it's NOT A PATIO THING... it's inside and tucked away. Promise...
OH wait... maybe they (the complainers) think that ... you know... while they don't have any gay men or sexually progressive couples in their neighborhoods today... but building one of these places... will TURN EVERYONE GAY AND SEXUALLY DEVIANT... why I bet they even fear for their own sanity.
No seriously, these guys were talking like the fricking apocalypse was upon them...

Santa is now linked to Trains.
There was the annual reading of "Polar Express" and then the watching of same...
And mixing in Edwards fascination with Trains in general and (snicker) we're getting him a wee electric train for christmas... well, I've been talking a lot of train talk with him at bed time and hooking it in close with the Santa Stories.
So we have this gorgeous [ :: train lamp :: ] that will show up on his bed side table over night on Christmas eve night. :) and I have one of those train whistles to infect his sleep with... :D
* We must work to keep the magic alive... :)

Have a wonderful Friday muchachos y muchachas... :)

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