Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

absolutely stellar day. :)

~ work was breezy... got loads done and even crummy stuff going on ... didn't phase me.

~ tonight has been all about shoveling snow, groceries (big fondu with MIL & BIL on Christmas eve), kids, stories, and kifli... made 75 kifli (batch number 3) and made the pastry for batch number 4. (We're giving loads of them away in gift boxes). I know enough not to get in the way of Z doing the christmas shopping thing... but I make all the cookies for gifts... kids teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, work mates (z's too!) ah yes! Christmas calories... they gingle when they jiggle... :D

~ messing with video to make a dvd for a mom that couldn't go to the show, and I made sure to get good vid face time of both her daughters. :) (one in each of geo's and ed's classes). I'll make a "streamable" version of some of this soon. :)

~ and now? it's friggen late. :D Time for bed.

ni ni.

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