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Thursday, December 22

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What a burn!!!! I went to give Z a snuggle... she was curling up on the bed at 10:33 'cause she was cold... so ... snuggle snuggle... and then????
BLINK BLINK... 2:30 am. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
Gone. The kids were asleep... a fresh pot of coffee... in fact, I had just poured a cup, the 'puter was all cooking into the video editor mode (the christmas pageant stuff) and ... GONE.

No more of that lying down at 10:30 stuff... I got up and ran around turning off lights and stuff... and then back to bed... so I had a crazy amount of sleep.

Have you seen "40 year old virgin"?? The DVD has some outtakes and stuff... and counting the bits that were in the movie with the main character (who's name is ANDY) day dreams, sex dreams, etc... there was much "hot girls chanting Andy... oh... Andy..." So I commented to z ... "well this is great for my ego.". She thought for a moment and then suggested that there's a fortune to be made in making a line of PORN videos ... each movie named with a guys name... kinda like that key-chain display at the Dollar Store. So a guy rents the dvd and watches porn stars chanting his name for an hour... hmmm... whatcha think?

At Breakfast this morning... my oldest son announces that he forgot to tell me that he offered to bring a salad to school for this big special meal the kids are having today. So my fingers smell like cucumbers and green onions. :)

PS. two shopping days left... bwaahahahahahahahahahaha...

~ dk blue ftls
~ dk blue dockers... that are on the edge of becoming... "old pants". sigh
~ a white t... a nice one... :)
~ a brilliant new tommy white dress shirt... :)
~ and a tie... two tone blue. Dressed up for Christmas at work...
~ BUT OF COURSE... I forgot my dress shoes at home... brought them home to polish them up...
~ so I'm wearing a pair of brown shoes ... sigh.
~ book meetings with managers and directors to get on their January Schedule.
~ a tonne of work... and - random - that's the right way to spell "ton" in Canada...
~ tonight... total fricking kick back. I'm thinking pizza.
~ That poor no gets over her hang over... You know... the Japanese have a cure for hang overs... they call it "donafuck'endrink somuch ewa"
~ canuckgirl enjoys her vacation!!
~ that sadtomato enjoys the movie tomorrow... :)
~ for there to be much prosperity for the Tissue Baron... er... sushie_shuakhwe
~ to point out that vinnie58 really needs to watch out... apparently somebodies watching you ... and making a list!

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday dearest little Lynners... (lynspin). Thank you for the connection to your world... and I do hope you have a wonderful and healthful year ahead.
Hiya sugar-T ... Miss burntflowers!! Happy birthday Tara. Have a wonderful celebration ... and I hope the year ahead brings you new beginnings and all kinds of good vibes about the grand and important choices you've made in the last year.
Dear Rhonda... help me Rhonda gah... how sick of that do you get? Happy Birthday dorkgirl and you've been gone for just about a year... gone from LJ so who knows... I hope you are well and living a happy life sugar.

So let me tell a short story... I'm watching an Oprah or Dr. Dick Head (Phill) episode a while ago and there's a vegan woman talking about her vegan children and my knee jerk reaction is ... "oh those poor kids...". Nutricianist Doctor comes on the show next and points out that the likelihood is that those children eat better and more healthfully than the dramatic majority of other children... who are not vegans. I drank that information in and when it was properly internalized, I learned to understand that my knee jerk reactions need to be tempered with more information. We go from Vegetarianism to Home Schooling and again, my knee jerk reaction is ... "well that's ok in grade school, but high school??? what are you talking about... totally denying those kids social growth..." And then I meet a coworker whose teenage kids are home schooled and as I get to know him and those kids... I realize... I know nothing about homeschooling.

Now there are good and bad things to every story... There's the Weaver family on The Amazing Race... home schooled teenagers and all dumb as posts. There's vegetarians that ... basically eat ridiculous foods, get discoloured skin, their hair falls out and ... well ... they're idiots. So to every story there are two sides.

So my learning is clear: I do not know everything... (d'uh) and it's wrong to judge the things I know so little about.

I'm good with that. I respect that there are attitudes and opinions different from my own that I will "knee jerk" react to... and I may well be as wrong as possible. However... I will not stop having my reactions. I will just understand that I don't know everything on the subject and ... I am open to learning.

So far so good?

Now... what the fucking hell is up with people bitching about friends and family buying their kids presents from Wallmart, Disney, etc. You fricking ungrateful churls... Get that broom handle out of your asses and stop fussing for goodness sake. If your brother-in-law buys your baby a stuffed Eyor... and you have a problem with that because of some political / socio-economic moral position you have with respect to Disney... THEN YOU'RE AN IDIOT.
Try relaxing for a few minutes each month. I swear... it's wonderful. And believe me... no matter how solid you are in your anti-something-weird position... you are wrong to think it's OK to tell your family... "Only buy presents for my kids from the following list of approved stores."
My reaction to that is... "um... yeah... what presents?" and move on to family members that are not trying to solve the worlds problems by visiting their issues on their kids lives.
You may have a perfectly acceptable beef with Disney... or Wallmart or whatever... Power to you. Live the life you want to live. And if you don't like the way I live mine - i.e. I shop at wallyland - ... keep it to yourself.

I may have a lot to learn on this subject... but my bottom line so far is this;

I know wallmart treats it's employees poorly. I know there are international trade issues associated with Disney and other big corporations... and I vote every election to support governments with policies that reflect my opinions on these subjects. But Wallmart is about 4 minutes from my house and the bottle of liquid dishwasher detergent is $3.50 there. I am not going to drive across town to buy DW detergent for $5.00. I am responsible for how the country of ME survives and prospers. My government is responsible to ensure the country I live in survives and prospers. If there is a big problem with Wallmart or Disney... the people I give 35% of my paycheck to can take care of it thank you very much... and meanwhile... I will take my kids to a disney movie and enjoy it. No guilt and a constant amazement at the people who think not taking their kids to this movie is somehow the "right decision" for their children.

To each their own... make your choices and live the life you make for yourself. But going on for two pages in your journal about how to control the gift giving habits of your relatives... takes the fricking cake.

Bizarre moment in Canada / US relations. Word is out there that some group is proposing the building of a wall between Canada and the US.
All I can think to say on that subject... Will you use Canadian Softwood Lumber?

Sorry this was so long. I guess I ought to write shorter entries... 'cuz I'm thinking... it's just too much for peeps to actually read. :D

See ya later skaters... :)

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  • Monday, February 17, 2014

    Hiya. :) Today was one of those “oh look… LJ is still there” days. Oh how I miss the old days when LJ was pretty much a playground filled with my…

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